wireless networking adapter wont work

  SHARJEN 19:20 14 Jan 2007

my internet provider is talktalk,so i bought a talktalk modem router which works fine on the pc downstairs,the pc upstairs however needed a wireless network adapter so i bought a belkin one,installed it the pc can pick up the modem router that says there is a very good signal but the adapter says that it is unplugged even though it isnt and the light on it flashes like its working,but i cannot access the net on that pc,does anyone have any ideas?its driving me mad

  STREETWORK 22:54 14 Jan 2007

Try this...

In the task bar right click the connection and select 'view available networks'

If you can see your main PC select it and click connect.

You will be prompted to enter the WEP key which is with the modem and sometimes written on the label, if not it will be with the box.

what is important is that you turn off windows firewall whilst you try and connect the first time but re-enable it after.

If you do not see the main PC in the 'view available connections', on the modem there should be a button to press which starts the pairing process. Press this and see again if you can see the main PC on the other computer...

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  SHARJEN 20:23 17 Jan 2007

there isnt anything listed on the available network bit,ive tryed to connect with the firewall down and i cannot find how to pair them together any ideas?

  STREETWORK 21:36 17 Jan 2007

On the PC connected to the modem downstairs go into control panel and open network connections.

Select your connection and right click it. Go to the Advanced Tab and under Internet connection Sharing, select the option to allow others to use the connection (green dot in the box).

Recheck your other PC to see if its picked up the main PC.

The green flashing light means that it has found something and is trying to connect but it could be another secure network in the area...

  SHARJEN 20:43 18 Jan 2007

i cant find anything that says internet connection sharing,ive looked where youve said to,help

  STREETWORK 21:00 18 Jan 2007

Its gotta be there, look again, you have to select the advanced tab to see it...

  SHARJEN 17:48 21 Jan 2007

ive brought the upstairs pc downstairs as i couldnt find what i was looking for i have it now rigged up to the wireless modem router but it will only work if the lead is connected from the pc to the modem router,do u have any ideas on how to resolve this so that i can put the pc back upstairs?i had to re-format the pc because it seemed to be getting confused on connections,now i also have a problem with the windows activation as it says that ive used the product key too many times,any help with that would be appreciated too

  Ashrich 21:06 22 Jan 2007

Regarding the activation , just phone the number ( Microsoft ) and explain what has happened , they will give you a new code ...


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