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  samfw 11:00 11 Jun 2003

Hi eveveryone.
At the moment i have a not very special desktop, which doesn't have a network card. I also have BT ISDN using bt's 'digital access usb' (its connected to my desktop via USB).
We have just got a laptop for someone else in the family, and i am going to get a new laptop in the summer. Both laptops have wireless LAN 802.11b built in.
Here is the problem: we want to be able to use the laptops not only to surf the internet using ISDN (although we may apgrade to broadband later) we also want to use the desktop's hard disk- so that we can access files from the desktop, in the garden.
I'm sure it is posiible to do this but i'm not sure how.
I have considered buying a wireless router, and a network card for my pc, and linking the two. Would this do what i need it to do? And if so, what products should i look at, if i want to save as much money as possible? I have been looking at a Netgear 'Cable/DSL802.11b Wireless Router+4port Sw' for dabs.com which will cost £76 + a cheap network card.
Please help.


Firstly, if you can afford it, go for the "new" standard of 802.11g (Not "B") it is twice as fast as the 802.11b standard and should be certified by WIFI this summer. Most major manufacturers are already shipping these products.

Right, as to your set up.

If you get the Wireless router, make sure that it has a "normal" wired output connection as well as offering wireless networking - most do.

You would set this up and connect to your PC with Cat 5 cable and so the desktop would be "Hardwired" onto the network. This will also mean you need a network card for the PC which cost as little as £10 for a 10/100. you may also need a USB - RJ11 "Dongle" to convert the USB output from the ISDN to the Network card.

It is then a simple job of installing the Wireless Cardbus software onto the laptop and then running the Network Setup Wizzard in XP on all the machines (Starting with the Desktop).

Away you go! In all it takes about ten - fifeteen mins to complete.

  samfw 14:41 11 Jun 2003

Thanks, thats cleared alot up. This will mean that the laptops will be able to use the hard disk from my desktop right?

Yes, but you will have to set each laptop up on the same domain or network workgroup and make sure that you allow sharing on the folders that you want to access.

Any probs post back or email.

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