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  flick 00:54 20 Jan 2003
  flick 00:54 20 Jan 2003

Some months ago I posted a question about wireless networking with a view to sharing my BT ADSL (frog style modem)connection with my PC running W98 and a laptop running XP home (Dell wireless card already installed) Amongst many responses was this one from FE.
'Of course you can set up a wireless network to share your broadband connection - nothing could be easier. You don't need to read through a long tutorial or any technical documents to do it - just get a couple of Linksys USB wireless network adapters (readily available at PC World and other computer stores).

Install one of them on each PC - it takes about 10 minutes to install the drivers - and that's that. You can now share the connection between the two computers.

These adapters work perfectly, and you can use them to network up to 4 computers on a BTOpenworld 'home 500' ADSL service. The connection can be shared over quite a distance - and I have had no trouble getting them to work in every room of an average house.'

Well, I went to PC world and was told I needed a router with built-in firewall and they weren't sure Win98 supported it. Linksys' website and others I have checked also seem to suggest that a hub or router is required, albeit that the systems illustrated seem to refer to far larger networks than I have in mind - at the most one more laptop or PC to share the broadband connection.

I would be most grateful for further clarification/details as to what I should buy. I have Zonealarm installed and the solution should be fairly inexpensive since the laptop is away with my son at university for 30 weeks of the year and he has a university-wide ethernet connection when he is there.

  jazzypop 02:24 20 Jan 2003

You need a wireless router only if you want each PC to have independent access to the web, regardless of which one is switched on. If you don't mind leaving the desktop PC switched on in order for the laptop to access the web, you don't need a router.

With a router -

Plug BB connection into wireless router, setup wireless network card in each PC to talk to the router.

Without a router -

Plug BB connection into PC 'A'. Wireless network card then talks to card in PC 'B', allows it to use PC 'A' as a gateway to the web. This is a wireless version of Internet Connection Sharing (ICS). It works more elegantly with XP, as XP has built-in support for a wider range of networking methods and protocols. However, all manufacturers (to my knowledge) enable their products to work with W98 onwards.

Link to original thread - click here

  flick 13:24 20 Jan 2003

Thank you so much for explaining it so clearly for me. I'll buy a card for my PC and see if the Dell wireless card in my son's laptop works when he comes home at Easter. Leaving the PC on is not a problem, I rarely turn it off anyway.

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