wireless networking

  patfla 15:09 31 Dec 2005

can you asist me please(in laymans terms if poss)
i am an ntl broadband user
my wife has bought me a laptop as a present:
can you tell me what i require to access internet on my laptop via my pc.
ther are so many names linkys,belkin etc im confused
do i need a router to connect to my ntl modem?
what do i put into the laptop,is it a usb adaptor?
many thanks

  LAP 15:32 31 Dec 2005

If your laptop and PC is fitted with the necessary wireless adaptors/cards, check the documentation. If so all you will need is a wireless router/modem. Then your laptop and pc will connect 'wireless'.

  01chris 15:45 31 Dec 2005

The cheapest option is to buy a wireless adapter for the pc (and one for the laptop if it doesnt already have one). Then they should talk to each other directly (without having to buy a router), you can then set up Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) on the PC and the laptop will get its internet access from the PC.

The only drawback is that the PC needs to be turned on and have an active internet connection in order for the laptop to have net access.

  mgmcc 15:48 31 Dec 2005

To create a wireless network for Internet access and File/Printer sharing, you have essentially two options:

1) Install a Wireless Network Adapter in each PC and create an “Ad Hoc” Wireless Network. This is a network in which the two PCs talk directly with one another, rather than via a Wireless Access Point. “Internet Connection Sharing” is then enabled on the actual Internet connection in the “host” PC and the “client” PC will have Internet access provided the “host” is running and online.

When you enable “Internet Connection Sharing” on the Internet connection, it automatically configures the Local Area Connection with the IP address and subnet mask However, as you will be using a WiFi adapter, you want this address to be allocated to it, rather than a “wired” Ethernet adapter if you have one fitted, so the Local Area Connection should be disabled before setting up “Internet Connection Sharing”. The "Client" PC's Local Area Connection should be set to get its IP address automatically, which it does by DHCP from the "Host" PC. Also, if you run the Zone Alarm firewall in your “Host” PC, the Internet Zone Security level must be reduced from High to Medium or “ICS” traffic will be blocked.

To enable “Internet Connection Sharing” in Windows XP, open the Network Connections folder, right click the actual internet connection (modem connection), select Properties and then the Advanced tab. Tick the box “Allow other network users...etc”.

2) The preferred option for connecting more than one computer is to use a broadband Router. This is an ”Infrastructure” wireless network because the connected PCs communicate via the router’s Wireless Access Point. Again, a wireless adapter is installed in any PC that needs to connect wirelessly, but often the main PC is close enough to the router for it to use a “wired” connection with only the remote PC connecting wirelessly

With a router, it is the router which connects directly to the ISP and not one of the connected PCs. The router in turn allocates the IP addresses to the PCs, using one of the address ranges reserved for Local Area Networks, usually 192.168.xxx.xxx

Either of these options will additionally allow you to run File and/or Printer Sharing wirelessly across the network.

If you are running software firewalls, the IP addresses of the networked PCs must be put into its "trusted" area to allow them to communicate with one another.

  patfla 20:53 31 Dec 2005

i bought a network broadband router
with 2 pc cardswhich i was told would be
the answer(maplins)
in the patriot laptop there does not
seem to be a place to insert the wireless land card?
any ideas please

  01chris 16:59 07 Jan 2006

What model is the patriot laptop.

Ps. Sorry for the delay in replying

  mgmcc 20:58 07 Jan 2006

What type of cards did you buy? As I understand it you have a PC and a laptop - the PC will use a PCI card that plugs into a free PCI slot on the motherboard; a laptop uses a PCMCIA card that slots into the PCMCIA or "PC Card" slot that is specific to laptops. Either computer can use a USB adapter.

  patfla 13:20 09 Jan 2006

i got a sitecom router with 2 pci cards,I wan input and 4 usb sockets
i got a linkys adaptor for the laptop which only has usb slots and not card slots
do i need to put a card into the motherboard as well as the usb?
many thanks

patriot 3070

  mgmcc 16:59 09 Jan 2006

If you have a USB Wireless Network Adapter that you can plug into the laptop, that is all you require to connect to a wireless router, there is nothing else required in the laptop.

...I assume it is a WIRELESS router that you bought?

  patfla 21:09 09 Jan 2006

yes it was a wireless router.
i will connect the router and hopefully it should be ok
the adaptor on the laptop seems to be ok and
ready to accept signal
thanks very much for your help

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