wireless networking

  yellows 10:02 15 Oct 2005

i want to share my broadband connection wirelessly between my laptop and desktop. i have a usb adsl modem and my isp is bt yahoo. my desktop is brand new and dont want to open it up to fit a pci wireless card in. Could i put a wireless pcmcia card in my laptop, put a usb 2.0 wireless adapter in my desktop and link them through a router?. another thing i wanted to ask was i have read that it would be easier to bin my adsl modem and buy a router with a modem built in as its easier to set up. any opinions please?

  Forum Editor 10:16 15 Oct 2005

is yes.

The answer to the second question is that if you are a newcomer to wireless networking you will almost certainly find it easier to work with a combined ADSL modem/router.

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