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  Stuart Leyland 18:42 25 Jun 2004


I have 3 computers at home: mine which acts as a server for my sister's computer which is connected to my computer by wires and a laptop which I am attempting to get to connect to my computer wirelessly.

I bought the following two items from dabs.com on the recommendation of a member of this forum: click here and click here. Both have been successfully installed: the USB stick on to Windows XP Home and the PCMCIA card on to Windows 98SE. However, getting the two to connect is proving impossible. I have been told today that because I have already got a connection to my sister's computer on my machine, I will not be able to add another one to the laptop. Unfortunately I've been unable to test out this claim.

Can anyone help me to get the laptop talking to the Windows XP computer and vice versa? Step by step would be great if possible.

Thanks a lot.

  Forum Editor 19:04 25 Jun 2004

be advised that you can run a mixed ethernet and wireless network - I do it myself.

The way to get the 98SE machine correctly networked is to make a floppy using the networking wizard on the XP machine. Run the disk on the 98SE machine (using the setup icon), and of course make sure that the workgroup name is identical on all three computers.

Set your permissions correctly on all machines, sharing the folders that you want to be available on the network. If you're running a firewall on any of the computers you may find that it stops access, and you'll need to configure it accordingly. Get the network running by disabling the firewall; you can configure it afterwards, when you've identified it as the cause of the problem.

  Stuart Leyland 19:16 25 Jun 2004

Hi FE.

OK, I've just tried to run the Network Setup Wizard but for at least the third time today, it has failed. I don't understand why it is failing. Is it because I have already used it to set up the connection between my sister's computer and mine?

With regards to:

"First of all be advised that you can run a mixed ethernet and wireless network - I do it myself."

Is this through using a router or by connecting all the machines to one computer?

Thanks for any more help you can offer :-)

  spikeychris 19:54 25 Jun 2004

Hello Stuart

When you say your machine is acting as a server, how so?

"Is this through using a router or by connecting all the machines to one computer?" You need a router or hub if you're running more that two machines, it doesn't matter how many weired or wifi machines you have. You can run all wired and one wifi the same applies the other way around.

  Stuart Leyland 20:11 25 Jun 2004

Hi spikeychris

It acts as a server because all files are saved on to my hard drive (makes for easier backups) and because the internet is connected to my computer as well.

You say that I need a hub which is quite probably the case but I tried to set up the wireless connection this afternoon with no other connections besides the broadband one enabled on my computer (the Local Area Network connection which XP puts there by default was still there though) and still no joy. It appears that it is the laptop having problems connecting as opposed to my machine.

Any help?

  spikeychris 20:24 25 Jun 2004

If you're running 98 with XP you should enable netBIOS click here If you have tried the network disk as the FE recommend and it failed then do it manualy..IE: put all the machines on the same work-group and give them a static IP address... on the first machine and .2 on the next, finishing with

Use the subnet mask Turn off the firewall and as the FE also said make sure simple file sharing is enabled from Windows explorer, tools, folder options, view. This isn't ideal and I don't use it, I use NTFS permissions which is better but "simple file sharing" works.

  spikeychris 20:27 25 Jun 2004

BTW you could click here and bypass the router for two machines

  pipedream 21:41 25 Jun 2004

I've been thinking of doing something similar but haven't got around to it yet - I've got a feeling that you may need to use the 'bridge network' facility in Windows XP - click here , as effectively you've got one network already, and by adding the wireless adapters you're creating a second, separate network (I think), which can be bridged in software. Correct me someone if I'm talking rubbish!

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