Wireless Network using netgear 834gt and USB Adapt

  Alan Partridge 00:15 08 Feb 2006

Please help.

I Bought a Netgear DG834gt with usb adapter and thought setting up a wireless network would take 5 minutes. 1 week later and im going mad. My setup is as follows,

PC Upstairs = windows xp home
PC Downstaurs = windows xp Media center

Pc upstairs is connected to gateway via Ethernet, and is connecting to BT Internet no worries. Even installed wireless usb adapter and also connects to internet no worries.

Installed same usb adapter on downstairs pc, all installed and adapter picks up wireless network with very good signal strengh.

Here is my problem. I cannot connect to internet downstairs and in My network places cannot see my network, like wise upstairs there is no network in my network places.

I have ran neteork wizard hundreds of times with no luck.

I can ping upstairs computer using downstairs but not the other way round.

Someone please help, im sure im missing a simple step somewhere.

  keewaa 10:06 08 Feb 2006

First thing is to try disabling ALL software firewalls on both machines until you get it working.

This might be a pain, but could save alot of time in identifying what's wrong. Can you try the downstairs PC also using ethernet and see if if all works wired.

  Alan Partridge 20:08 08 Feb 2006

OK Thanks for responding.

I Have disbaled Norton firewall although I had already configured it to allow file sharing etc. I have also disabled windows firewall, although it keeps turning itself on in security center.

I ran network wizard on both pcs. Still no networks in My Network Places. Although as mentioned before it is visible in network connections.

Does the workgroup need to be the same name as the network name? Currently "MSHOME@ and "Paul"?

  Alan Partridge 20:09 08 Feb 2006

Just gonna hard wire the downstairs pc to the router although i already tried this, and could not install router, this may have something to do with it!

  ade.h 22:19 08 Feb 2006

The network and workgroup names can be totally diffrent.

  pipedream 22:34 08 Feb 2006

I'm pretty sure that the workgroup name MUST be the same on each PC or they won't see each other.

  ade.h 22:43 08 Feb 2006

Re-read the question and my answer.

The network name and the workgroupd name can be different. Mine are different.

The workgroup name must be the same for each client on the network, but that has no bearing on the choice of network name.

The network name is the SSID.

  Alan Partridge 03:02 09 Feb 2006


I Have now sorted the problem by re installing windows on downstairs pc, network showed straight away after doing this, im still not sure what it was preventing the network from appearing, but i am over the moon now, and network is super fast also. Thanks to all for their help.

  pipedream 17:13 09 Feb 2006

So are mine, sorry thought the Q was regarding workgroup names

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