Wireless network problems please help!

  [email protected]® 19:38 18 Feb 2005

I have bought two network cards so I can access the internet on my laptop. I have put 1 in the main comp which has an aerial and 1 in the laptop. Both the computers have recognised the new hardware and software but the laptop can't find the wireless network although I have run the network wizard. Please help!

Both computers have three double screens with red crosses on them in the taskbar and both say the hardware is not connected when I run the wizards.

This so frustrating a bubble keeps popping up saying one or more networks are available, yet when i click on it the box says none are available.

(I run bb from ntl via a set top box)

  VideoSentry 20:10 18 Feb 2005

Though not an expert You seem to be missing a "transmitter" as the cards can only 'pick' something up if it is transmitted. You need a Wi Fi router, hopefully someone with more know how ( I have AOL which is different to Cable )will let you know what you need.

  FelixTCat 20:29 18 Feb 2005

Please don't start 2 threads on the same subject. We will not know where ton answer. Please keep to the Helproom thread.

  spikeychris 20:31 18 Feb 2005

ad hoc click here

  [email protected]® 21:15 18 Feb 2005

Thanks spikeychris I had a little more success using that link. I got down to where it said configure client computer and got a bit stuck but the laptop actually saw the host computer although it wouldn't access the internet it said the power was excellant. Also the host computer would'nt access the computer then and I had to do a system restore so I could get back on here!

I am now back to square one! More help please.

  [email protected]® 21:35 18 Feb 2005

I give up I think this is seriously doing me in!

  [email protected]® 22:23 18 Feb 2005


  Forum Editor 01:34 19 Feb 2005

you will need a router, or a wireless gateway.

Ideally you would use a wireless router with an inbuilt modem. This connects to the Microfilter on your incoming telephone line (if you have a BT line ADSL service), and then you install a wireless networking card in each computer. Internal PCI wireless cards have a receiving aerial - the PCMCIA laptop type also have an aerial, but it's normally enclosed inside the card, so you don't see it.

Alternatively you can get wireless USB adapters.

The advantage of using the router is that you don't need to leave one computer running in order to use the Internet on the other machine.

  [email protected]® 08:40 19 Feb 2005

All I have is the two cards one in each computer. I get bb from my set top box which goes in the back off the host computer in the usb port via an ethernet adapter. Do I need something else then?

  Chezdez 09:50 19 Feb 2005

ah, you need to bridge between your USB and the wireless network card

i don't know how to do this (but you don't need anything else, i think), having never done it, but now i've shed the light, i'm sure someone else can help?

  [email protected]® 09:53 19 Feb 2005

If someone could help I would be grateful. So far the hardware is in both and the software is loaded. What I really need is to phone someone for them to talk me through it even if it is a £1 a minute!

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