wireless network problems

  aldo9538 23:35 03 Feb 2006

Can anyone help please. I have recently upgraded to speedtouch576 router, it is working fine with AOL. I have installed a belkin 802.11g wireless adapter to another computer. It shows an excellent signal strength and the icon is blue, as it should be. The problem is that when I attempt a connection to the internet via wireless adapter I am told 'DNS server unreadable or unavailable' Any help is appreciated.

  wbiggchiefy 23:48 03 Feb 2006

This is probably silly but first thought is have u followed manufacturers installation & configuration instructions?

2nd Does the PC have USB2.0 as I had a similar problem and solved it by adding USB2.0 port card.

  aldo9538 23:57 03 Feb 2006

hi wbiggchiefy, thanks for response. yes I followed them, I have contacted Belkin and they informed me to locate wirless connections - properties - general tab - highlight TCP/IP and click on properties. Select a preferred network address and an alternate and click on ok. It still has not solved the problem. I am waiting for another response from them. I will add a USB 2.0 port card and see what happens. Thanks:-)

  wbiggchiefy 00:20 04 Feb 2006

Good luck - it took me all day, a trip to shops, 2 phonecalls and (almost) a hammer to get wireless to work with Desktop.
With my laptop however it took 30 seconds as all I had to do was enable wireless zero and enter details as prompted - Just why dont the manufacturers think about making thungs easy.

Just a thought but which Belkin adaptor is it and have you tried just clicking on Internet explorer to see if it will connect that way rather than through AOL as sometimes AOL can be really strange with anything you add for a while?

  rupie 00:28 04 Feb 2006

I have problems linking 3 computers in the same room. i1 is used for printing pictures of 'my little pony' and another sales reciepts of 'rubbish from ebay!' and still the network is always, ALWAYS, ALWAYS going wrong. IT IS ACTUALLY NOT POSSIBLE TO LINK COMPUTERS TOGETHER AND ALL JUST A BIG JOKE BEING PLAYED BY SOMEONE ON IS. BIG COMPANIES HAVE GOBLINS THAT CARRY INFOMATION ON MUSHROOMS BETWEEN COMPUTERS !!!!!!! DISCUSS

  wbiggchiefy 00:35 04 Feb 2006

rupie - calm down- calm down (ah those immortal words os a curly haired, moustached scouser having his head bounced off a brick wall) these things were sent to try us.

How does your home network "go wrong" - once it is set up and running unless you are actually the infamous "Mr Beardy" who must tinker with everything then it should be OK

I run desktop from 1 room - laptop from anywhere in the house and although the signal varies I wouldn't be without it -

Why do you need 3 PCs anyway?????

  wbiggchiefy 00:41 04 Feb 2006

When you click on control panel - network connections is internet gateway showing as connected
and is wirelss connection showing as connected?

  rupie 00:59 04 Feb 2006

I have 1 pc that is for work and has internet and printers connected to it, my daughter has an old pc of mine which she plays games on (so she has no access to my work) and I have a laptop which I take away to work on. They can never see each other; anyway; An interesting reference to an earlier entry ?? I have solved my problem by wireless linking everything, which took seconds against cat5 which was so unreliable ?

  rupie 01:01 04 Feb 2006

do not worry about me. I have posted a new problem which is I need far more help with.

  aldo9538 12:20 04 Feb 2006

Hi wbiggchiefy,

I am now in the process of removing and re-installing the adapter and aol and starting from the beginning. I'll let you know how it goes. Thanks for your help so far.

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