Wireless network problems?

  Jerz95 21:58 02 Jan 2006

Hi all,
I have recently tried to set up a wireless network, using a AOL SpeedTouch576 Wireless router. I have installed it to my desktop PC, and wish to also connect to the wireless network using my laptop.
I have set up the network, and my wireless USB adapter is picking it up, with 99% signal strength.
But i cannot seem to connect. I have tried everything i can think of, but it still is not working.
I click the status of the Wireless Network connection, it seems to be sending packets, but recieving nothing, and after a while it will stop sending.

What makes this even more annoying is : I took my laptop to my friends house, and there I had no trouble at all connecting to his wireless network.

I hope someone can help me with this problem.

  hargranules 22:15 02 Jan 2006

Is it just the internet you are having problems connecting to, are you confident that the router and adapter are working fine?

  Jerz95 20:05 03 Jan 2006

My adapter is working completely fine, as i connected to my friends network. I am not 100% sure about the router though, but the installation seemed to run smoothly.

  mgmcc 21:25 03 Jan 2006

Silly question, but your router doesn't have MAC address filtering enabled so that it is blocking the wireless adapter from connecting?

  Jerz95 21:29 03 Jan 2006

Im not sure, but it is a speedtouch 576 modem, so it should have wireless enabled...

  mgmcc 21:54 03 Jan 2006

Yes, but the security features used by wireless networking are (a) WEP or WPA encryption and (b) MAC address filtering.

Every network adapter has a MAC address (Media Access Control address) and wireless routers normally have a facility to block any wireless adapters whose MAC address hasn't been entered into its settings. If this had been enabled in your router and you haven't entered the MAC address of your USB adapter, you would be unable to connect to the wireless network. Check this out in your router's settings.

To find the MAC address of your wireless adapter, open a Command Prompt window and run the command IPCONFIG /ALL - look for the "physical address" of the wireless adapter, which will be 12 hexadecimal characters in six groups of two. That is the MAC address.

  Jerz95 21:58 03 Jan 2006

Whay you're saying makes sense.
Im just going to check the IPCONFIG thing, and once i find out my phisical adress, where should i enter it to enable me to sucessfully connect?

  mgmcc 22:13 03 Jan 2006

I can only make suggestions in general terms. Every router is different and I'm not familiar with yours, but go into its settings (presumably by entering its IP address into a web browser) and you should find the security options which should include both encryption and MAC filtering.

  Jerz95 22:15 03 Jan 2006

Thanks, but how do i find my routers IP adress?

  glamworld 22:33 03 Jan 2006

hi ive got the speedtouch 576 router and ive just connected with laptop after 4 weeks, i entered a block of 4 numbers into the web bar and it brought up the router page you then need to select the configure option it will then ask for you user name and password and within minutes your connection should be sorted, the only thing is is cant remember what numbers i typed in but as soonas i find them i will post back

  mgmcc 07:23 04 Jan 2006

That "block of 4 numbers" was the router's IP address.

If you open a Command Prompt window ("Start > Run", type CMD and click OK) then type IPCONFIG /ALL you will see details of all network adapters in the PC. For the one that connects to the router, the entry for "Default Gateway" will be the router's IP address; can you post back the group of four numbers for the "Default Gateway"?

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