Wireless network problem (again!)

  mikeyb59 14:11 16 Mar 2003

Having recently upgraded to a wireless network (2 desktops, 1 laptop) I have come across a problem.

Network was installed with few difficulties after which all pc's could share BB internet connection. So far, so good.

Today I tried to transfer files between my laptop and my desktop without success. Although the other pc's can be seen in "My network places" trying to connect to them is not possible.

I have shared all relevant drives, files etc, but get the message ***** not available - network path cannot be found.

Previously when I was using an ad-hoc network everything worked OK. It seems that this problem has only arisen since I installed a wireless router.

Apart from this the network seems to work fine.

Any help from the experts would be more than welcome.

TIA Mike

  Forum Editor 14:43 16 Mar 2003

any firewalls on the machines that are connected to the 'Internet' machine - the one with the connection?

If you do that you'll probably find you can access shared resources.

  mikeyb59 15:08 16 Mar 2003

Thanks for the suggestion but as I said all the pc's are connected through a wireless router so there is no 'Internet' machine as such.

However, I will try disabling the firewalls.

For info, both the affected machines are running XP Pro (the third machine runs Win Me but that belongs to my brother so is not relevant here).


  mikeyb59 15:49 16 Mar 2003

....(Sygate) with same result.

Curious to know why it all worked on an ad-hoc network (ie, pc to pc) but on infrastructure (via router).

Any more ideas to help me get to the bottom of this?

  Bebee 19:50 16 Mar 2003

When you say that the computers can be seen - did you put them on when the Ad Hoc was running? If so, they will still be there even if the computers are not seen on the network. Try viewing via the Entire Network icon or see what you get from the Add A Network Place. If they are not there then they cannot be seen at all.

I presume your modem is connected to the router so the sharing of the BB connection is independent of the computer sharing problem. Check the settings on your wireless router. I did have a similar problem for a while but this was a to do with firewall settings. I was using Windows Me and I know there are differences with XP. Were the firewalls you disabled ones you have put on, or XPs own firewall which doesn't make itself obvious?

  mikeyb59 20:16 16 Mar 2003

Firstly, can confirm that the BB internet connection operates on all pc's regardless of any other problems.

Secondly, I did disable the firewalls (Sygate) and checked that XP's own firewall was disabled.

I did try to reset network to ad-hoc but this created all sorts of problems with Internet connection sharing so I reverted to Infrastructure.

I have worked through create a network connection without success. The BB connection is available to all pc's but file sharing is not.

Don't know what to try next!

  mikeyb59 21:30 16 Mar 2003

Any more ideas anyone?

In passing, anyone else using a wireless network - you have my sympathy!

  mikeyb59 22:07 17 Mar 2003

Still not working. Any more ideas?

  The PC Doctor 22:13 17 Mar 2003


Ok lets see if I can make some suggestions for you.

1. Can you see both PC's (ie The other one from each computer)

2. Which network protocols have you set up.

3. Are you logged onto each PC with administrator ID's & Passwords?

  mikeyb59 23:08 17 Mar 2003

1 - Yes

2 - Using TCP/IP with addresses set by DHCP (wireless router remember)

3 - Yes

  The PC Doctor 20:09 18 Mar 2003

Couple of things to try !

I am assuming that each PC has been set up on the same domain with different names.

1. Try mapping a network Drive to a shared folder on one of the other pc's

Open windows explorer

If you can't see Map Network Drive on your toolbar go to Tools and select Map Network Drive.

You will get a form on your screen - pick a letter and in the Folder Text Box type in \\NAME\C$ where NAME is the name of your other PC. Now select connect using a different user name and enter the admin ID and Password of the PC you are connecting to.

If you are successfull you should see this new Drive under My Computer in Windows Explorer.

I'm hoping this will work for you - I'm running Windows 2000 so there may be differences. If it doesn't work there is more we can try so don't give up ! (Yet)

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