wireless network problem

  goldenoldie2000 15:56 02 Mar 2008

I have recently set up a home wireless network mainly to share a printer with one PC and a Laptop.The printer is connected to the PC by a USB cable.Both PC and Laptop connect to the internet via.a Linksy Wireless Router WRT54GL and this works perfectly.
Running the wireless network set up wizard is a bit of a lottery sometimes I can complete the operation using a USB flash drive and print from both computers successfully and then for no apparent reason I am unable to print from the Laptop ( It goes through the printing operation but just puts the documents into a queue ).When I check the Workgroup Computers on both PC and Laptop they only show themselves and have lost the other computer from the list.The other problem I have during the network set up operation is I am unable to include the wireless router as it has no USB port for the flash drive.I don't know if this is a problem as I have completed the operation successfully without this being included on some occasions.

  Kemistri 00:15 03 Mar 2008

"The other problem I have during the network set up operation is I am unable to include the wireless router as it has no USB port for the flash drive."

Huh??!! Why do you want to plug a flash drive into a router?

Have you manually enabled and configured File and Printer Sharing? have you installed the network printer on the other clients? Have you used an appropriate workgroup name and typed it using the SAME case each time? Have you configured your clients' firewalls?

  Jon =D 03:21 03 Mar 2008

I am looking for some help on this ... I am about to move in with my girl friend and don’t want to go in and change her broadband service or anything so I’m thinking of getting an wireless router and I’m wondering will it work as fast as the one I have in my home that I got with my BT broadband service, and how would I connect this properly and not do anything so change her broadband service.

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^ I was thinking of buying one of them and could anyone tell me how I would connect it to her broadband service, I think her service is Ntl or Virgin. or does anyone know of an better router for having one or 2 pc’s wirelessly connected, 2 pc just plugged into an Ethernet connection and an Xbox 360 wirelessly connected and still have a good connection playing my Xbox 360 online with my computers all on the internet as swell.
Thank you if you take the time to help me on this.

  Kemistri 12:07 03 Mar 2008

As the rules say, don't hijack threads.

  goldenoldie2000 18:03 03 Mar 2008

Kemistri thanks for your reply.Yes to all your questions.

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