Wireless Network Problem

  Binoboy 22:00 24 Dec 2005

Have just bought a new computer and there is a problem with the wireless network that has been installed. I have tried to 'repair' it but Windows (XP) tells me that it cannot be repaired properly as there is a problem with the IP address. The signal is also pretty low - is there any way I can solve these problems?

  Forum Editor 23:02 24 Dec 2005

and I'll move it there now.

  Forum Editor 23:04 24 Dec 2005

about your wireless network setup - are you using a wireless router, and if so, which one?

Is the computer a PC or a laptop?

Did you set the router up yourself?

  Binoboy 23:39 24 Dec 2005

The router was set up myself and has worked with a previous computer. It is a wireless router, Belkin ADSL Modem.

  Forum Editor 00:24 25 Dec 2005

as if your new computer is not being assigned an IP address by the router.

You should check the TCP/IP settings and make sure that the option to 'obtain an IP address automatically" is ticked.

  Binoboy 19:42 26 Dec 2005

I have just check that and it seems that it was trying to obtain an IP address automatically. The signal is roughly about 50%...does anyone have any other suggestions?

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