Wireless network printing problem

  Pat.B 21:53 29 Dec 2008

I have two PCs, both running XP, accessing the internet via a wireless router (BT Voyager 2100) without any problems. Recently bought a wireless printer/scanner/copier (HP C4585) and followed all the set-up instructions that came with it. I can't get it to print wirelessly from the downstairs PC at all, and only intermitently from the upstairs PC. It will work with either PC when connected via USB lead.

Do I need a print server, even though the printer itself is wireless? (It doesn't mention this in the product literature).

Also, in trying to solve this problem I've been looking at my network set-up more closely, and found that I can't see either of the PCs or the printer in My Network Places. Does this suggest a problem with my network?

  STREETWORK 12:02 31 Dec 2008

On the Pc that you want to print from wirelessly go to the printers found in control panel and select add printer.

From the wizard that appears choose the option to connect to a printer on your network. Windows will find the printer (you need to ensure that the main PC is on and the printer is turned on). Once found, just complete the wizard to install the drivers.

Post back if this did not work for you...

  CLONNEN 14:35 31 Dec 2008

You should be able to see PCs and printers when you browse the Network if they are on the same subnet eg. if PC has ip address should see anything with an ip address that starts 192.168.0

Login to your router and your printer and check what ip addresses they have.

Also some routers block traffic for certain ports by default - you may need to open a specific port in the Port Forward section of your router (forward port 35 to the ip address of your printer to enable printing over the network if it isn't reaching the printer).

  CLONNEN 14:43 31 Dec 2008

I'm having a similar problem with my HP printer/scanner/copier not being able to scan on a wireless router. The HP website says

Open the following ports for scanning over a network :

UDP ports: 161, 427 and 137
TCP ports: 9220, 9500 and 9290

I'm not sure which ip address to forward these ports to (probably my PC's ip address since scanning goes from the HP device to my computer).

  CLONNEN 14:45 31 Dec 2008

Oh and make sure you don't have a software firewall on your PC blocking access to any of the ports or to any of these HP program files :

Add the following files to the Highly Trusted programs list:

hpqkygrp.exe , located in the C:\program files\HP\digital imaging\bin directory.
hpqscnvw.exe , located in the C:\program files\HP\digital imaging\bin directory.
hpqste08.exe , located in the C:\program files\HP\digital imaging\bin directory.
hpzipm12.exe , located in the C:\windows\system32 directory.
hpzinw12.exe , located in the C:\windows\system32 directory.
hpqtra08.exe , located in the C:\program files\HP\digital imaging\bin directory.
hpqthb08.exe , located in the C:\program files\HP\digital imaging\bin directory.

  CLONNEN 14:49 31 Dec 2008

Wireless ip addresses start 192.168.10 by the way which is causing major problems on my network as most of the PCs are on wired addresses starting 192.168.0 - mixture of 2 wired routers and 1 wireless router.

  Pat.B 15:44 31 Dec 2008


STREETWORK, I did as you suggested, but Windows does not find the printer on the network.

CLONNEN, the IP addresses for the two PCs and the printer are all the same appart from the last digit. I don't have all the files that you list, but those that are there are permitted by my firewall. Could you please explain how to 'forward port 35 on the router to the IP address of the printer?'


  STREETWORK 20:16 31 Dec 2008

Do the same again but put the modem into pairing mode.

Also sheck the properties of the printer on the main PC to see if it has been set to 'sharing'...

  CLONNEN 05:56 01 Jan 2009

Login to your router on click here (or whatever it's ip address is) and find the port forwarding section.

Put 35 in as the port number (usually two separate boxes) and enter the ip address of the printer and select TCP/UDP (both).

Depending on your router you may have to setup port 35 as a Service first if the port forwarding section doesn't allow 35 to be entered.

Sorry I am not familiar with BT routers so don't know what the interface looks like. Check your router's PDF Manual for port forwarding setup.

  kristain 05:48 22 Aug 2011


To access wireless network printing you need to have a wireless enabled system or handheld device. Most current computers and handheld devices, like personal digital assistants (PDAs) and smartphones, come with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth interfaces. So, you can easily access wireless network printing.

Get more information to fix Wireles Network Printing Problem. Hope this information helps you.

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