wireless network and printer

  Viv-208691 18:36 23 Mar 2004

i have a modemrouter which my main pc gets adsl internet through. I have another pc and a laptop getting signal from router. can i use the main pc's printer from laptop??

  powerless 18:47 23 Mar 2004


  Viv-208691 18:52 23 Mar 2004

thanks, and can i play network games ok?

  Viv-208691 18:52 23 Mar 2004

so i dont need to 'set up home network' then??is it done automatically by router?

  powerless 18:55 23 Mar 2004


You'll still have to set it up.

The laptop will have to download the PC Printer driver to allow printing over the network.

Games should be ok.

  Viv-208691 18:58 23 Mar 2004

ok, thanks, how do i go about getting that?!

  powerless 19:52 23 Mar 2004

Try to print something and look over your network for the PC printer.

It should do the rest...mine did.

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