wireless network with pda

  sav 17:13 10 Jan 2005

My PC is currently connected to the internet via an external ADSL modem and a network card. I hope to get a pda in the near future and would like to be able to connect to the internet wirelessly. Ideally I would like to be able to use the internet without having to switch the PC on. Can anyone suggest how I might be able to do this (as cheaply as possible!)?


  Rogerfredo 18:58 10 Jan 2005

I have a HP IPAQ 2210 Pda and can connect to the internet using Bluetooth (when the PC fitted with a Bluetooth dongle is on).
However, if you are used to surfing with a fast connection, you may be a little disappointed at the speed you can surf through Bluetooth.
If you buy a Bluetooth Pda, you only need to purchase a USB dongle for the PC at about £20.
I don't know how you could surf without the PC on though.

  sav 15:25 11 Jan 2005

Thanks for your help

  Kate B 17:01 11 Jan 2005

One thing to bear in mind is the browsers the various PDAs use ... none are brilliant at rendering pages. Much as it pains me, the least annoying is probably Pocket IE on Pocket PCs: I have yet to find a Palm browser that combines ease of use with dealing with web pages in a copeable-with form.

If you can, get a PDA that you can use in landscape mode as most web pages are landscape-oriented rather than upright. I think some of the newest iPaqs and Dell Axims have that trick up their sleeve.

And be prepared for an irritating experience. It's great with things like the BBC news site, which has a fantastic low-graphics version that renders beautifully on a PDA, but infuriating with any remotely graphics-heavy site, or one that uses a lot of Flash. Which, these days, is most of them.

And some webmail apps aren't happy with PDA browsing: I sometimes check my Yahoo webmail quickly and sometimes it bleats, moaning that I'm not using the right version of my browser for the page. I've also failed to make my work's clunky webmail work on my iPaq (Pocket PC) - for some reason it just won't connect to the vpn, but bizarrely, I can get at it if I use an old Clie I've got lurking around (Palm OS 5, can't immediatelyl remember what browser I've got on that machine, it's at home).

If you're trying to get at anything corporate, check with your IT department - you don't want to waste money if your chosen browser won't play with your office.

  sav 14:14 09 Feb 2005

It's the first time I've logged onto the forum since I closed the thread. There are a few issues you've raised that I need to look into.

Thanks Kate

  Kate B 18:48 09 Feb 2005

sav, let us know how you get on ...

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