wireless network ME & XP to get online

  Beverley Anne 13:21 12 Mar 2008

I've just ordered the bits and pieces to set up a wireless network.

My main PC is XP and my laptop is ME. I only want to use the laptop in the living room so I can get online. I haven't used the laptop in ages so the anti virus, firewall and spyware software would be out of date.

I normally use IE but since the updates have finished I am looking for a different web browser.

So would the laptop serve its needs or do I need to part with the old plastic and get a new one?

  woodchip 13:28 12 Mar 2008

After setting up you Wireless Router, Start all your computers and Printers, then on the XP computer go to Control Panel\Network Wizard create a disc when it asks you you use this on the other computer, it as a single file on the disc just double click it. You need to have both computers able to connect to the Internet before the above.

You can after the above use printer connected to the wired computer And also share files if they are both switched on. To use the printer the computer as to be swithed on

  Beverley Anne 15:52 12 Mar 2008

thanks woodchip for the reply.

Will my laptop be ok to use online secrity wise or is there anything I need to do as its an older system.

I've got an older copy of the Opera Browser still looking for antivirus and firewall to use with the ME system.

I won't be using it to get my emails just web surfing.

  palinka 17:14 12 Mar 2008

Until 6 mths ago I was using a similar network. My [7 yr old]desktop was ME and laptop XP. As far as security is concerned you need AV and firewall on both; I used AVG on the ME system and on the XP.
I used XPs own firewall and Zone Alarm on the ME .
No problems.
Also used ad-aware;ccleaner; and superantispyware on both (or maybe it was a different anti-spy - can't quite remember)

  Beverley Anne 17:20 12 Mar 2008

Further Update.

Done some web searching and came across these for the ME systems

click here

Spybot - Search & Destroy 1.5.2

Jetico Personal Firewall v.1
click here

went onto the microsoft website to see if I could updates no joy there.

I can't remember the last time I updated the laptop.

If I installed these and used the Opera browser
will in be ok to use?

  woodchip 17:30 12 Mar 2008

This is a good one to use, It's Free click here

You also need to setuo Encryption on the Wireless Computer. You Set it up first in the Router Setup Page, then copy the SSID and Encryption key so you can load them in to your wireless settings

  Beverley Anne 18:01 12 Mar 2008

Thanks palinka for your reply its nice to know that can be done.

  Beverley Anne 18:12 12 Mar 2008

woodchip thanks for the link I've downloaded it.

would an early version of Zonelabs firewall still protect my Laptop?

oldapps.com have older versions.

Sorry to be a pain.

  Beverley Anne 16:24 15 Mar 2008

just to let you know I finally set up my wireless network took me a few hours a couple of phone calls to tech helpline I can now sit in another room and surf the web -yah!

I am still have trouble setting up computers for folder sharing I did a setup network floppy on my xp desktop and ran it on my ME laptop and for some reason I keep getting a message 'windows unable to browse the network' I can't work out what I'm doing wrong . Also takes ages for this message to appear.
On my XP my network places folder the only one showing is desktop one.

  woodchip 16:52 15 Mar 2008

When you creat the Network Floppy you need to have all computers and printers switched on then use the floppy on the other comp by double click the file on the floppy.

After just right click on what you want to share and file in the box's

  Beverley Anne 21:32 15 Mar 2008


Ok I did what you said. I did a floppy disk put it in the laptop. the laptop restarted but setup wizard started before desktop appeared therefore I wasn't able to connect to the internet. Is there another way for me to do it?

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