Wireless Network keeps dropping

  Evolution 15:46 12 Jun 2006


Over the last couple of days my wireless network has been dropping frequently and it has been very difficult to reconnect.

The setting in my Draytek router is set to always on.

The wired part of my network is fine so I don't think it's the router.

I've noticed that a couple of other networks are in range, one of which is unsecured. (I can log on to that just fine and am using it to log on to PC Advisor!!)

Could this new network cause the problem?

Also, the weather. It's very hot down here in Southern England?

Could this be the cause?

Not sure where to start looking as for the past 18 months or so, it's worked perfectly. I haven't moved the computer either!



  Josho™ 15:51 12 Jun 2006

When mine did this (I've experianced everything, even a PC catching fire!), it was the channel. Set it to 11 and the wireless PC 11.

  Mark McC 16:00 12 Jun 2006

i had that problem with my linksys router the problem was by next door neighbour got one of these electric garage doors and the remote was on the same freq of the wifi ( channel 11 ) so i changed it to 6 and everythings fine.


  Evolution 16:06 12 Jun 2006


Thanks for the replies.

You both say the same so I'm guessing there is a channel conflict.

How do I change it on my PC and in my Router?



  rsinbad 16:37 12 Jun 2006

you would need to go into your router settings it should be under wireless settings there is a dropdown box where you can select your channel and then apply.

choose a channel that is some distance from your neibours channel, if he is using ch11 then select 2 or4

  rsinbad 17:29 12 Jun 2006

you now have three threads running please use one thread and close others

  Evolution 17:53 12 Jun 2006

The conflicting network is running on Channel 11

I've changed my own channel to 1 so well away from any potential conflict.

My wireless laptop is still connecting to the outside network despite the fact that I've tried to connect to my own (which indicates maximum signal strength) and have changed the order of connection to make it attempt to log on to mine first.

Any more ideas?



  Hertz Van Rentyl 23:19 12 Jun 2006

Can you connect up with a cable and sort it like that, sorry I have no experience with laptops but I am sure someone else may be able to assist.

  wee eddie 23:30 12 Jun 2006

Just installed a Cordless Phone system?

  ed-0 23:35 12 Jun 2006

" I've noticed that a couple of other networks are in range, one of which is unsecured. (I can log on to that just fine and am using it to log on to PC Advisor!!)"

Does the owner of this network know you are connected to it. You should tell them to get it secured, quickly.

Are you upto date with XP updates? Some of these updates are playing havock with some integrated WiFi chips. Are you using an intergrated chip to connect to the network or another method of WiFi?

  Hertz Van Rentyl 09:19 14 Jun 2006

Just wondered if you have put in your encryption key if you have one, this would prevent you from connecting to your own router and cause your laptop to find the next strongest signal.

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