ldlucan 21:38 22 Feb 2006

Always been a hard-wired man drilling countless holes through internal and external walls to link my 3 home pc together with miles of cat 5. But recently decided to go wireless!!! - Well, you cant be a ludite forever! Puchased a Belkin ADSL/G Router 2.4Ghz 802.11g (linked to Broadband) plus an internal Belkin wireless card for each of the 2 desktops. Internet sharing works fine, as does printer/file sharing ... but each remote PC randomly loses the link (at different time intervals) and each machine seems to asign a new IP address. Have to re-boot each machine to re-establish the link. There is no clear pattern why ..ie loading specific software. I've changed the Firewall (both on the PCs ( Windows) and the ASDL Firewall itself) setting from off to accept everything to nail the mother down to the floor, and still the problem occurs. I'm at a loss! Is this normal for Wireless???

  LinH 22:08 22 Feb 2006

Hi ldlucan,

Welcome to the world of wireless networking!

What you describe seems pretty typical, I have exactly the same thing happen with the wireless connection to my laptop. It just seems to drop at odd times but then picks itself up and reconnects after a few minutes. Leave the router firewall on and Zone Alarm if you have it but turn off the Windows Firewall. Make sure Zone Alarm is also turned off for your network, just disabling the firewall does not disable it for networking.

Hope this helps.



  LinH 22:28 22 Feb 2006


Excuse my stupidity, where I said 'make sure Zone Alarm is also turned off for your network' should read 'make sure Windows Firewall is also turned off for your network'

Sorry, put it down to approaching senility!



  ldlucan 08:13 23 Feb 2006

Thanks LinH. Switching off Windows firewall was my first attempt to resolve the problem. I have tried just about every Firwall combination possible. I am starting to think the technology is still embryonic. Seriously thinking about dusting off the ethernet router and get my trusty black and decker out! Anyone want to buy a really trendy wireless network with 2 pointy aerials??????

  kenneth-204108 11:40 23 Feb 2006

I have just installed wireless networking. I have two computers and have managed to get both on the internet.
However I do not have the knowledge of the true potential of what I can achieve. Can somebody recommend any publications that are available for some one like me?
Thank you,in anticipation,

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