wireless network how much faster is 811.g

  bigboab y 10:19 01 Sep 2006

Lokking around for a DSL wireless router,I notice the 811.b types (11mbps) are half the price of 811.g (54 or 108 mbps)ones. How much faster is 811.g ?? By that I mean in normal surfing is the difference noticable?? What is the main advantage in getting an 811.g ?? Cheers all

  FelixTCat 10:55 01 Sep 2006

bigboab y,

In normal surfing you are most unlikely to see the slightest difference, unless you have an amazingly fast internet connection. It is only in file transfers pc to pc that the faster connection makes a difference.

The only other significant difference is that 211b routers and adapters are less likely to support WPA wireless encryption.



  €dstowe 10:58 01 Sep 2006

The main advantage of 811.g is more profit for the manufacturer and more boasting power to the short of intellect. It won't make any difference to the likes of you or me

  bigboab y 11:45 01 Sep 2006

Thanks guys/gals...It had occurred to me that whats the point of 54 mbps if your internet connexion runs away below even the 11 mbps standard.. you might have saved me a couple of bob... cheers for that

  Rigga 12:05 01 Sep 2006

One thing I would say, and I'm not 100% that it is right, but it sounds right to me is.

I have a 811.g router, and I never get 54mbps, more like 15mbps, and sometimes as low as 2mbps, which is 1/27th of the quoted max. This is obviously dependent on my location within the house.

Now if you get the same situation with a 811.b router, 1/27th of 11mbps, would make your wireless connection very slow indeed.

As I said at the top, I'm not 100% sure this is the case with 811.b but it's worth noting.

Just my 2p worth..


  bigboab y 12:08 01 Sep 2006

Cheers my man .. brain cells will now concentrate and make a decision ...thanks to all.

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