Wireless network help - step by step needed pls!

  tammer 09:19 07 Mar 2009


I have a Netgear WGR614v6 wireless router and a 3.5 year old XP laptop. This laptop can surf the internet through a wired connection to the router or wirelessly with no problems.

I also have a 6 month old laptop with Vista. This can connect to the internet through a wired connection to the router but it cannot get on the net wirelessly. I get a "limited connectivity" error and the help isn't particularly helpful e.g.:

1) turn everything off and on. Done but why would it work if the XP laptop works fine and Vista can connect via a wire?

2) Manually update settings - not at all obvious what to do here.

3) Automatically repair - the electronic equivalent of a chocolate teapot.

I've disable the security on the router and don't have MAC address filtering on.

I'd really appreciate any help you can give in simple step by step terms as I've tried Google and the solutions are baffling.

I do hope that you can help.

  ambra4 11:01 07 Mar 2009

Download PDF file third one down will show how to connect Vista wireless

click here

  tammer 12:14 07 Mar 2009

Hi ambra4,

I tried that but I can get as far as connecting the Vista laptop to the router (it says connected and has excellent signal strength) but I can't get on to the internet.

However, the xp laptop can connect to the internet wirelessly through the router.

I don't think I should be doing the VPN set up part of the pdf file so I'm still stuck I'm afraid.

  kidsis 11:53 08 Mar 2009

have you looked at the wireless card in device manager, any question marks or exclamation marks? Long shot, but maybe the antenna has become disconnected from the card inside the laptop.

  tammer 18:55 08 Mar 2009

I've checked that and nothing looks out of place.

It's a real pain in the butt. There are quite a few stories of similar problems on the web from around the time that Vista came out but nothing obvious that applies to me.

Can anyone help who knows about using Vista to go wireless?

  brundle 23:08 08 Mar 2009

Make sure you have the latest wireless drivers for the laptop. Check the laptop manufacturer's site first then the wireless hardware vendor.

  tammer 17:36 09 Mar 2009


I think I've done that. When I checked the wireless card in Device Manager I selected the option to update drivers. It installed updates but it's still not allowing internet access wirelessly. Meanwhile, my XP laptop continues to access wired and wireless internet with no problems.

  ambra4 10:34 10 Mar 2009

See if this help

click here

Also disable Ipv6 in Vista which contains both the familiar IPv4 stack and the new IPv6 stack.

You do not need IPv6 at the present time disable IPv6 in the Windows Vista system

Download the pdf file will tell you how to disable IPv6 in Vista

click here

  tammer 20:46 13 Mar 2009


I'd already disabled IPv6 I'm afraid so still no joy.

You can see the problem here:

click here

  dawood 01:28 14 Mar 2009

Check out this tips to solve access local only problem in Windows Vista article click here , see whether it helps..

  tammer 09:35 14 Mar 2009


It's really frustrating but I can't get the darn thing to access the web wirelessly.

If I connect to the router with wire and do ipconfig/all, it shows the following:

click here

If I take out the cable (while it's connected wirelessly to the router) it still can't access the internet. Does the ipconfig info mean anything to anyone?

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