Wireless network fine tuning help

  six-h 02:09 30 Jul 2009

Thanks to the advice from a post back in April by mgmcc, I've successfully set up my network..I think!
Each wirelessly connected machine can see the other, and I can print from my XP laptop using my Canon printer attached to my Vista PC.
I can see "My Documents" on the lappy from the PC as I've "shared" them.
Attempting to do this the other way (see my Vista PC files from the XP lappy) seems to be a bit more complicated.
When right clicking selected folders, and selecting "share" I've chosen "Admin", but trying to access the folder from the lappy, I get my hand smacked! "Access Denied", "Contact Server Admin to see if you have access permissions" I keep telling myself I have permission, how do I convince the network?

  BRYNIT 07:22 30 Jul 2009

Don't know if this will hclick here

  six-h 12:05 30 Jul 2009

BRYNIT; Iget an error 500 with your link:-(
Hope someone can guide me, I've been changing all sorts of things in Sharing and Permissions, and at one point found some info on MS site concerning "LLTD".
No idea about it, but downloaded the zip file, nothing more done because there was a scary warning that it was "in Beta" advising you to back-up before attempting to install it!
Seems what ever I do, I can't get permission to view anything but the "Public" folders on the Vista machine, using the XP one.

  six-h 13:10 30 Jul 2009

I do wish that PCA would phone me when the network goes down :-)
It always seems to coincide with me mucking about with my connections, and I think "Now what have I done!!"

I was just in the middle of posting and lost the message, Just wanted to give a bit more info:on the Vista PC, under "Network sharing", > "Network Map", the XP lappy shows at the bottom of the page with the message "cannot be placed in map"
I this significant?

  BRYNIT 13:59 30 Jul 2009

For some unknown reason I keep getting error 500 on some links so I will try again so have found one or two other web pages that might help.

click here

click here

click here

  six-h 14:32 30 Jul 2009

BRYNIT: found this link from one of yours above.
click here and somehow muddled through!
I don't know how to undo the fiddling I did last night, just hope it doesn't cause probs in future!

Thanks for your help.

  woodchip 14:39 30 Jul 2009

For your First link I got that Page was unavailable try later Network down

  six-h 14:40 30 Jul 2009

Just noticed the link doesn't open the specific item I was guided by, once on the page, I clicked on "Share files from any folder on your computer"
and it just worked! :-)

  six-h 15:49 30 Jul 2009

Now then, in order to achieve all that I've had to turn off "Password Protected Sharing" on my Vista PC.
When it was "on", I was asked for my "Username" and "Password".
The password is no problem, I presume it's the one I use to log on to the PC with, ...but I've not created any user accounts, so I don't know what's expected for "Username", that's why I turned it off!
Does that make sense?
Where do I look to find out who I am...or do I just ask Matron:-)?

  woodchip 15:56 30 Jul 2009

Try right click folder in Windows Explorer, then click share

  six-h 16:01 30 Jul 2009

woodchip; I've already set up all the folders that I want to share, but to do this, I had to turn off Password protection because I am not aware of my "Username" which is a required field to access the folders/files with it switched "On".

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