Wireless Network filesharing possible

  boybrown 12:49 02 Sep 2007

Hi there folks,

I have recently invested in a laptop and now have a Netgear wireless router that connects directly via ethernet for my desktop and wirelessly for my laptop. Can I set these up so that I can also acceess the other computer without having tomanually hook them up with a cable? I have tried the network connection wizard but it only seems to set up the internet connections which are both already working ok, it's the computer to computer and printer sharing that i am after.

any suggestions folks would be great


tom :o)

  BurrWalnut 14:04 02 Sep 2007

Firstly, set up a workgroup by right-clicking My Computer, Properties, Computer Name and change the default workgroup name to something a bit more meaningful, also make the computer name recognisable, e.g. DellPC. The computer should reboot. Now identify the folders/files you want to share and right-click them and select share and read/write access. A little hand should appear under those that are shared.

Repeat this on other PCs, use the same workgroup name but, of course, a different computer name. Note that Vista is slightly different, have a look click here

To copy files, go to Start, My Network Places (Network in Vista) and the computers/folders/files should appear. Open 2 explorer windows and drag them from one PC to the other.

Share a printer click here

  boybrown 18:26 02 Sep 2007

Hi there, Thanks for the post. i've done that but am being refused permission either side to access the files. It's saying that I do not have permisson to use this network resource.

Any suggestions?


  BurrWalnut 18:37 02 Sep 2007

Check your firewall.

  boybrown 20:15 02 Sep 2007

Hi there,

cheers for the response. I've half sorted it out. My laptop can see the desktop but not visa versa! Any further ideas??? I did uninstall the firewalls so that is not stopping it but just can't get it to see the laptop!

  mgmcc 08:08 03 Sep 2007

In the desktop PC's "My Network Places", try entering the path to the laptop into the address bar in the form \\laptopname or \\192.168.x.x (using the correct IP address of the laptop).

  boybrown 18:30 03 Sep 2007

Sorry to sound ridiculously amateurish but how do i check my laptops ip address?

  irishrapter 18:59 03 Sep 2007

It can also simplify things if you have the same user name and password on both computers.

To check the IP addresses open a command prompt by going to Start / Run and type command , then in the command prompt type ipconfig

  boybrown 19:28 04 Sep 2007

I have tried but no luck. I still get the same error on the dektop saying that I do not have permission. I've cheked the firewall logs to see if an alert shows up but it doesn't. So my laptop can see and access files on the desktop but the desktop will still not see the laptop!

Any more ideas folks this is causing me to lose what little hair I have left


  T0SH 20:38 04 Sep 2007

Try this for your network problems I have not used it but I know lots who have and all of them say it makes networking a breeze

click here

Cheers HC

  boybrown 20:00 05 Sep 2007

Hi there,

Yes i've even given that a whirl but the connection from the desktop appears blocked and won't repair. I can't find a way to remove the networks to try again. I'm still only able to share and see one way

ggggggrrrrrrrr (not to all those people that helped, just frustrated now haha!

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