Wireless Network - computer settings

  Allan RISC OS user 17:00 15 Jan 2011

I am still not able to get my computer to allow connection to my Wireless connection.

I have asked the ISP for help but they say as it is a computer problem I need a tech to assist me.

I am able to connect to the internet via my Wired LAN but not the wireless.

If I call the wireless ssid "Plus Wireless" I am asked for the necessary Network Security Key but after entering it, ensuring that the u/c letters are entered correctly, the computer reports "Windows was unable to connect to "Plusnet Wireless" and offer the trouble shooter which is useless. If I change the network name to "PlusnetWireless" on the router then the computer reports that the information is not as saved on the computer. I really am at a complete loss as to where the look for the problem, which I am sure is something that has been pre-saved or changed by me but by accident!!

OS is Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit
Router is Thomson ST585 v6
The wireless LAN LED is lit

Help Please

  bremner 17:22 15 Jan 2011

Is the computer fairly new.

What is your wireless card or are you using a USB.

  Allan RISC OS user 17:50 15 Jan 2011

Ralink Technology, Corp.
802.11nWireless LAN Card
Yes the computer was purchased in May 2010

I have just noticed the "n" after 802.11n

My router is b/g does this matter?

  Woolwell 17:59 15 Jan 2011

Is the ethernet cable disconnected when you try wireless?

  john bunyan 17:59 15 Jan 2011

Another thread:
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  john bunyan 18:03 15 Jan 2011

PS n Wireless cards should be backwards compatible with g. You could reset the router (there should be a button) and enter new WAP code etc.

  Allan RISC OS user 20:13 15 Jan 2011

No, the ethernet cable is connected.

  woodchip 20:29 15 Jan 2011

Are you sure that a wireless card is fitted in the PC? And its not going to connect if its already connected by Ethernet cable

  bremner 21:45 15 Jan 2011

"And its not going to connect if its already connected by Ethernet cable"

I do not think that is correct. I can connect simultaneously to wired and wireless with mine

  Allan RISC OS user 22:07 15 Jan 2011

Yes there is a Wireless card in the PC as I already stated above.
If I disconnect the Wired LAN the PC reports no connection what so ever. (I tried this yesterday).
I will try the other suggestion as above and will post my results!

  Allan RISC OS user 11:57 16 Jan 2011

Home Group Trouble Shooter has reported the following error, but has not fixed it or offered a way to do it!
"Peer Networking Grouping service isn't running"

I also see that the "IPv6 Connectivity" shows "No Internet Access"

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