Wireless network card installation

  trefor 14:17 29 Mar 2004

Original setup.

1.Desktop running Windows ME hard wired to Belkin Modem/Router F5D7630UK-4A.
2.Laptop running Windows XP with ADMtek ADM8211 wireless adapter. (This is an 802.11b adapter supplied with the laptop).


1.Variable signal strength even with laptop on same desk as router.
2.Belkin wireless card does not see router.
3.No PWR light on Belkin card.
4."Incompatible driver version found. Unable to load application."


The router was first set up using the laptop (as it runs on XP) and the ADM card. After about 5 mins the signal strength dropped from "Excellent" to "Low" and then "Wireless network not available". The signal strength is "excellent" for about 5 mins after I start the laptop then drops out. Card and laptop were checked OK by supplier.

I bought a Belkin F5D 7010 card in case there was an incompatibility between the ADM card and the router. (It was part of the 5 year plan to upgrade at some stage!)

At the first attempt the Belkin card seemed to be successfully installed. Signal strength was "excellent" but it could not see the router (had an IP address something like 168.X.X.X.) Belkin Tech support recommended that I download a new driver.

This was done but on inserting the card the PWR LED on the card would not light up and I keep getting an "incompatible driver" message. I've had the card replaced but still the same problem.

  trefor 21:15 10 Aug 2004

Had to reinstall Windows because of another problem following the laptop's return to PC World. Decided to try installing Belkin once more and it worked a treat. Threw the 11b ada0pter in the bin!

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