wireless network for aol

  jcbman 14:08 05 Mar 2005

after recently purchasing a dell notebook,and deciding to set up a wireless home network, i trundled off to pc world today to buy a wireless broadband router , a wireless card for the laptop and a usb adaptor for the pc(also dell).I saw what i thought was a suitable bt product which contained all three components.But on discussion with a service rep he told me to deal with aol direct as they had had compatibility probs in the past.problem being, Aol/thomson being almost £200 has anyone used anything else and been succesful.

  nebuchan 15:44 05 Mar 2005

Although it took a very very long time to set up due to odd settings on my comp, once we had cracked it the Belkin router works fine. You wont get any support from Aol for it, but the Belkin support is free. You have to follow both the belkin instructions and the aol instructions simultaniusly to set the thing up

  jcbman 15:58 05 Mar 2005

thanks nebuchan for your response, seems to be the concensus that if you dont buy the recommended netgear or thomson stuff that aol flog then it's a case of tough titties.i have found that i can buy the exact same equipment elsewhere(amazon)for 70 quid cheaper.so will probably go with this option .thanks anyway

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