wireless network advise

  matt1234 15:18 04 Jun 2004


i want to buy a wireless network for 2 xp machines 1 laptop and 1 desktop (that will be the server) the hub will need to be usb and use one of those card that goes in the side of the laptop (sorry forgot the name of them)

can some one give me some sugestions on any good networks that offer passwords and security to stop people using it for free?

  matt1234 15:29 04 Jun 2004

also i have on the desktop bt voyager 100 usb modem in it is that going to be a Problem

  computernerdiamnot 15:58 04 Jun 2004

Netgear DG834G. Excellent product and they are doing a package deal at the moment modem wireless router and card or usb adapter.

You would connect desktop computer to router via the ethernet port with the cable supplied and the laptop with the wireless card or usb reciever.

Quick and easy and secure as can be. Try Dabs, Ebuyer and the usual outlets. Quicker to compare prices on Kellko

  computernerdiamnot 16:01 04 Jun 2004

you cannot use a usb modem on a wireless router or a normal router. click here

  byfordr 16:04 04 Jun 2004

Wireless networks will never be entirely secure. The DG834G has enough security on it to prevent your average person accessing it (and would take time for the more determined to get in) Safest thing is unplug it when you aren't using it. If it isn't on, it can't be accessed.


  byfordr 16:09 04 Jun 2004

The DG834G has a built in modem. Personally not very impressed by usb modems.


  matt1234 21:26 04 Jun 2004

the desktop is 6 years old so i would quiet like to not really open it up and only stuff going into the usb as i have put enough upgrades in it all ready

  matt1234 21:30 04 Jun 2004

also i have heard of these hubs that have the normal wireless hubs and the broadband modem built in and it goes into the usb! is this possible?

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