Wireless network advice needed

  May$ 15:09 15 Nov 2004


I work at a small school with a network comprising of around 20-30 PCs. Most of the pcs are located in the main building and are networked. However we have two buildings either side of the main building that are not networked but need to be. Rather then spend time running cables through walls I was wondering about the possability of having a wireless network alongside the wired network.

Does anyone know what kind of equipment we would need. I have been looking at wireless access points but am unsure if this is what we need.

We have a Windows 2000 backoffice server with DCHP,exchange server etc. This is connected to a Router and a 3com switch(10/100mbp).

Thank you in advance.

  blue23 15:28 15 Nov 2004

it all really depends on distance, wifi is great but if the building are concrete then the signal will not be to great and may fall short of connecting the other buildings. first point of call is to find out the distance you need to transmit and what sort of things you are going through.......plus does your school like most have a mobile phone mast on the top of it? this could kill the signal from the wifi, but not to sure on that one.

  joncuk 15:59 15 Nov 2004

I too work in a school,though a lot bigger than yours. We have experimented with wifi for a couple of wings either side of the main block.

I am sending fom a ground floor server room (not ideal) and can pick up a workable signal from the maths block 30 metres across the way plus the distance through a second class room.

I just plugged into a data socket with a D Link Wireless Access point DWL7100AP. This will receive 10 or 100 mbits and transit wifi at band a and g. The signal picked up can be around 30meg though this is variable as you move round the class room

Hope this helps, John Cooke

  May$ 16:17 15 Nov 2004

Thanks for both responses. I was looking at maybe a 40-50 metre range. If I could run a crossover cable part way from the switch to the access point that might reach although I would have to get 2 points (One for each side of the building)

The wireless network would be handy as we have a number of laptops that could benefit from wireless(ness).

I have seen some radio access points which are about £167 but dont show the distance capable. Apart from the D LInk in the post above are there any others that members would recommend?

  TomJerry 16:18 15 Nov 2004

some wifi access point models can work in three different modes: Access Point, Extender (bridger), Client (receiver). This means that you can daisy chain them to extend the range if the distance is too big.

So you just need to buy the same model a few times, D-link has this kind of model, for example
D-Link DWL-2000AP+ AirPlusXtremeG+ 54Mbps Wireless Access Point £48.66 click here

If you want very small model, look Asus one, will give you link next post.

  TomJerry 16:22 15 Nov 2004

Asus WL-330G Pocket Wireless Access Point (extender/client) £38.82 click here, spec: click here. Was highly regarded in a computer mag test

  TomJerry 16:23 15 Nov 2004

Almost all WIFI AP have the same range unless directional antenna is used

30m in door, 100m out door

  May$ 19:24 15 Nov 2004

Thank you TOMJERRY, I will go away decide which of these is best for our network.

Thank you all again.

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