Wireless Network for ADSL

  ch0pper 15:44 09 May 2003

I've just spken to a very helpful young man at PCWorld about networking my PCs at home.

We agreed that I would be best using a wireless solution.

Then I got confused.

Basically, I wish to link two PCs in my home study (one mine and the other my son's) and also to be able to 'plug in' my laptop which I occasionally use from the depths of my bedroom when the music downstairs has driven me to my refuge.

My PC runs XP home, my laptop also runs XP Home, and my son's PC runs W98.

I don't really want to have to buy a new ADSL modem, as I have a very nice USRobotics device that works fine.

I was told that I can link my PC via the 'Ethernet' socket into a 'wireless router' and plug the modem into that.

So, I'd be most grateful if anyone could advise on how to achieve this seemingly impossible task.

  Magik™ 16:08 09 May 2003

you can get all the bits you need from BT, you need a usb adapter for the PC which is connected to the internet, a wireless card for your laptop, i use Linksys which BT will send you, plug them in follow the instructions and away you go..

  carlos 21:44 09 May 2003

do the same. Be very grateful for clarification, magik. Got a PC( Win98) connected via ADSL as above and about to by a laptop( XPHome), which I want to be able to "surf" via the connected PC. If I ring BT with same info they will be able to offer a solution? eg fit a wireless connection to PCMCIA port? Which type of connection? I am confused with bluetooth/a,b and g type connections.( or even wifi?)I get PC advisor as subscription but still am bemused with choices/no precise examples of how to fit these type of connections(have to record the same with PC Answers...hope they are sister publications ;-)

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