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  concretepigsy 09:57 02 Apr 2005

Ive just gone wireless.
I have a Belkin 54g card in my laptop, and it runs at 54mps.

I have noticed occasionally that this drops to 12mps and this morning dropped to 1mps.

Is this normal? I have a few "page cannot be displayed" messages especially on this site.

I am about 15 feet away from my router with direct line of sight, and about 6 feet away from the tv. Would that make a difference to the network performance.

While I'm here, I used to have zonealarm before i went wireless, but the Belkin engineer told me to use the XP firewall and the router firewall instead. Is he right?

Is there a way of checking that my laptop is as secure as I can make it? Phew!!!

Thanks in advance


  concretepigsy 19:20 02 Apr 2005


  Nelmon2k 19:26 02 Apr 2005

As far as i know it shouldnt make a difference about the firewalls. Zonealarms better than the windows one though. However Since I installed my wireless network I havent recieved any intrusion attempts unlike before hand. Problems with network speed can happen if you try and use a high WEP strength. However if you are trying to make your laptop secure you will need the WEP encryption. Also enable MAC address filtering. Are you using the inbuilt XP SP2 Wireless network software or are you using software that came with your wireless card/router???

  JonnyTub 19:38 02 Apr 2005

Don't be dissapointed if your connection speeds drop occasionally to 1 mbps that's still one fast connection to the net!! as for transferring files between pc's it may be a little slow. Signals could possibly be interfering from all manner of sources, i.e. microwaves etc. Try a little experiment with switching things off and on and see if there's any correlation. If not it's probably from an outside source, possibly another wireless network.

As for the page not being displayed, if that's just on this site, then it's ok, the forum editor knows about a small problem with the servers and is working to rectify it probably as we speak the poor sole.

The engineer was correct, this is all you need. He should however have configured your router and wireless adaptors to be secure by applying mac filtering, WEP (wireless encryption protocol).
Mac filtering restricts what devices can connect to the network. You can find your Mac address by looking at the bit of hardware your using to connect with, it should be printed on it somewhere, or on a sticker, once you find it, enter it into the base stations list for allowing network access. Wep security is different altogether, it adds basic password encryption to the transmitted data, the passwords set on the base station and any communicating devices must match.

To test your network go to click here and test each pc.

Hope this helps as i'm getting hell of my wife for being here, It's our wedding anniversary!

  concretepigsy 19:40 02 Apr 2005

Thanks for your response, I'm using the software from belkin.

I'm also told by my laptop that my network is open access. Is that good or bad, if bad how do i fix it??

  concretepigsy 19:43 02 Apr 2005

thanks jonny

happy anniversary

  JonnyTub 22:12 02 Apr 2005

Cheers :-)

Not sure about the open access thing, don't sound to promising to me.

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