Wireless to NAS

  unreal2414 11:06 07 Jul 2011

Hi Guys,

I have a client who has a windows XP laptop SP3 in a Windows 2003 domain. There is a d-link NAS device on the network that has mapped network drives on it.

Problem is when he is on the LAN he can access these network drives fine. But when he switches to wireless and you access the drives on the NAS it gives an error saying "network drives are already in use" or "can't found network drives". Also you can't access the NAS via URL or browsing to it via windows explorer, its like its not on the network anymore. Weird thing is though you can ping the NAS device successfully on the wireless network. When you plug the network cable back in you can then access the network drives on the NAS and browse to it via URL.

Any help is appreciated as I have trying to figure this out for a few weeks now.

  mgmcc 12:09 07 Jul 2011

Is it perhaps an IP addressing / Mac address filtering / Firewall configuration issue with the Wireless adapters not set up properly in the network?

Obviously the wireless connections should simply emulate wired ethernet connections, but without the cable.

  unreal2414 03:53 08 Jul 2011

Also I can't browse to the server through windows explorer when I'm on the wireless as well. but can ping it

Wireless adapter is on the same subnet as LAN as well

  Crosstrainer2 07:38 11 Jul 2011

Is the router Samba and FTP compatible?

If so, check to ensure these options are enabled and configured correctly.

Many cheaper or older models claim NAS support, but really don't recognise anything above 4GB and FAT32

  unreal2414 23:27 11 Jul 2011

Thanks Crosstrainer, but I have also found that while on the wireless connection you can't access the server or other network resources but you can ping the server.

I have checked DNS on Wireless and LAN and they both resolve to the server..

  Crosstrainer2 01:37 12 Jul 2011

Can you post the make and model? It's looking to me as though a new one may well be required, and I can make some recommendations, but it may yet be possible to get this one going!

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