wireless n router dual band

  rubygxx 07:33 10 Nov 2010

hello, i am looking for some advice on this type of router, at the moment i have a thompson speedtouch 585, connected to my desktop via ethernet cable, and one laptop that runs wirelessly also my son has a ps3 which also connects to internet through this router, i have another laptop coming for xmas which will share this too, so i was looking to by another router that may support all these things better, the thomson one is not bad, but we have had it for a few years, the thing is i have searched in my system information to see if the desktop would support an N router, (the thompson one is b/g,) but not exactly sure what to look for or where,i have a packard bell iextreme x2711 running windows vista 32 bit operating system, intel(R)core(TM)2 quad cpu 2.40Ghz,if anyone could advise if the n router would be ok on this system i would be grateful

  mgmcc 09:44 10 Nov 2010

The computers will all work with an "N" router because of backward compatibility with "B" and "G". However, the enhanced performance of 802.11n will only be realised by connecting with 802.11n Wireless Network Adapters in the computers.

I couldn't find a 'spec' for your particular PC but, if you go into Device Manager ("Start > Run", type DEVMGMT.MSC and click OK), expand the Network Adapters section and double click your wireless adapter, its Properties should indicate if it's 'G' or 'N'.

  rubygxx 13:11 10 Nov 2010

Hi, i did that and expanded the network adaptors, all that is there is 6T04 adaptorwhich has a yellow exclmation mark, this has always been like that since i got pc, have no idea what it is and the other adaptor is realtek RTL8139/810x family fast ethernet NIC, if thats any help

  mgmcc 13:42 10 Nov 2010

The "6t04" adapter is related to TCP/IPv6 and seems to crop up in some computers running Vista. You can forget about it. However, if the only other adapter is the "realtek RTL8139/810x family fast ethernet NIC", then you don't have a Wireless Network Adapter to connect "wirelessly" to the router.

Connecting to an "N" router by ethernet cable, as presumably you do at the moment, isn't a problem but had you intended to connect "wirelessly"?

  rubygxx 14:36 10 Nov 2010

hi again, no i dont want to go wirelessly on my main desktop, it is to connect two laptops and a playstation, at the moment we run 1 laptop and playstation wirelessly from this router connected to the desktop pc, but come xmas there will be another laptop so i was thinking maybe i should get a router with a better range/stronger signal, have been looking at some this morning and some say router only , no modem ??, what does that mean? its very confusing or maybe im just dumb

  mgmcc 19:32 10 Nov 2010

As your broadband is ADSL via the phone line, you need a combined "Router & ADSL Modem".

The stand-alone routers (i.e. without a Modem) are known as "Cable/DSL Routers" and are suitable for Virgin's Cable broadband service. They connect either to the supplied Cable Modem or to a TV Set-top box, but cannot connect to a phoneline.

  rubygxx 20:01 10 Nov 2010

Thank you , i nam going to get a wireless N router , thanks for all the help , much appreciated.

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