jazzie5 17:53 27 Sep 2005

I have installed a wireless home network and now find that my sons cannot login to MSN Messenger. It seems to think that I have no connection (saying something like...cannot find gateway).
The desktop is wired to the wireless router (has no card), and the laptop is wireless. The desktop can both access the internet and the laptop (share files etc) as can the laptop do vice versa (to the desktop). The laptop is accessing both MSN messenger and ZoneAlarm just fine.

I am not a novice but I WOULD NEED TALKING THROUGH EACH STEP! I have already enabled the Plug and Play via the router (Belkin) and I have run out of ideas! Please help!


PS I am wondering whether ZoneAlarm, at least, is a separate prob on the desktop?? It kind of coincides with updating (Pro edition on desktop), and nos has problems accessing TrueVector service. Nobody responding to emails at Zone Alarm and I canot reinstall as it same / similar message comes up re True Vector when trying to install).

  scotty 20:25 27 Sep 2005

Could well be a firewall problem.

Instructions for uninstall of ZA:

In ZA Overview\Preferences, deselect "Load ZA at startup" then reboot pc.

click here and follow instructions for clean uninstall. Either revert ro ZA version 5.5 or use the latest version (6.0.667).

The above link is to the ZA forum. You are more likely to get answers to ZA problems there than by e-mailing ZA.

  jazzie5 23:58 27 Sep 2005

But ZoneAlarm will netiehr install, reinstall or uninstall. It comes up with similar / same message eacg time re the TrueVector service (cannot be found or has errors).

Is ok anyway, becuase it was running beautifully before network was installed and the update for ZA was done (both on same day). As ZA is no longer oading at all, it cannot be a firewall prob. Havealso turned off and on the Windows firewall - no joy.

Am really baffled re the MSN messenger. Trie just about everything I have found!

  scotty 00:05 28 Sep 2005

If you are getting true vector errors you have not got rid of ZA. Follow the instructions to the letter or you will have traces of ZA remaining and possibly causing problems.

  jazzie5 00:15 28 Sep 2005

Thanks Scotty,
No joy. It REALLY WONT uninstall. Tried following that, as suggested, and it wont go!!

  scotty 00:21 28 Sep 2005

If you cannot reinstall and then uninstall, try a system restore to a date prior to the installation of the new version of ZA. If these fail I am at a loss. Suggest you post question on the ZA forum.

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