Wireless mouse switching PC on !!

  bazza2 14:23 16 Jun 2007

I have just bought a Microsoft Wireless Optical Desktop 2000.
I have plugged everything in, and installed the intellipoint and intellitype software from Microsoft.
Unfortunately the mouse has the infuriating feature of being able to switch the PC on when it is moved.
Is it possible to turn this feature off?
I have tried searching around the options in the intellipoint software, but can't find it.

Any help gratefully accepted.


  ambra4 14:39 16 Jun 2007

Try looking in Control panel Power options, mouse setting or in the BIOS for any commands to remote turn on via Lan, Modem, etc have you also checked that the pc is hibernate and not shutting down

  woodchip 14:57 16 Jun 2007

Do you use the MS software as Windows will use a Generic Driver, if you uninstall the software from Add Remove. It should then not happen

  bazza2 18:50 16 Jun 2007


ambra4 - the PC is definitely switched off, not hibernating.
I couldn't see anything in the power options that would affect this.

woodchip - it is using the intellipoint software that I have installed.
I want to use the intellipoint software, I am just trying to disable this feature.

  bazza2 12:44 19 Jun 2007


I have just had a look in the BIOS and found the following option:

Wake on USB from S3 Enabled

Which sounds a likely candidate.
I will have a play with that, when I get a chance, to see if it has any effect.

Just as a by the way, can I find out what the various sleep states mean (i.e. S1, S2, S3)


  ambra4 18:21 19 Jun 2007

I told you to check the BIOS

ACPI Sleep States
Type Description
S1 Low wake-up latency state. No system context is lost and hardware maintains all system context.

S2 Similar to S1 except that the operating system isnot responsible for maintaining processor or
cache context.

S3 Processor and cache context are lost.

Hardware maintains memory and some processor configuration context.

S4 It is assumed that hardware has powered off all
devices, although platform context is maintained.

S5 Soft off state. Similar to S4 except that no
context is saved and no device is enabled to wake
the system.

A complete boot operation is required
to exit the S5 state.


  ambra4 18:25 19 Jun 2007

Read this

click here

  bazza2 12:41 22 Jun 2007

Hi Ambra4,

thanks for that.
I did see the suggestion in your original post, I just hadn't had a chance to have a look in the BIOS prior to replying.

If I am reading your reply correctly, it is suggesting that, when I press the power-off button on my PC it isn't actually switching the PC off, but putting it into sleep state S3.
If this is the case then it is rather strange, as I have de-selected the hibernation options, and also the option 'When I press the power button' is set to 'switch off' not 'standby'.

Am I missing something here?

  ambra4 15:49 22 Jun 2007

Did you also change standby state to never and the sleep button to shut down in the display properties

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