wireless mouse stopped working

  silverlady47 20:29 26 Jun 2013

a few weeks ago my wireless mouse stopped working ,i`ve changed the batteries the usb connection and the mouse but no joy, any help would be greatly appreciated silverlady47

  Dragon_Heart 03:25 27 Jun 2013

You've changed the USB connection ? Changed the socket you plugged the USB wireless 'dongle' into ?

Have you got the red light from the mouse ?

Are the battery terminals clean ?

Are other things connected via USB eg printer or ext drive and are they working OK ?

If you think your USB needs a 'fix' try simply unpluging ALL the devices connected in the USB ports and uninstall the port from the 'Device Manager'. Restart the computer. The USB ports drivers will be re-installed when windows loads up at start up.

  silverlady47 09:48 27 Jun 2013

dear dragon heart thanks for the advice, the red light on mouse is not on, all other things connected by usb are working, tried uninstalling,no joy

  Nontek 12:20 27 Jun 2013

Maybe silly - but, have you put battery in mouse the correct way round??

  onthelimit1 12:23 27 Jun 2013

If the batteries are in the correct way and the switch on the mouse is ON, then I'd guess the mouse is an ex mouse (parodying a bit of Monty Python).

  spuds 12:32 27 Jun 2013

You say the mouse stopped working a few weeks ago, what have you tried or been using since then?.

Changing batteries doesn't necessarily mean that the 'new' replacement batteries work. I use a wireless mouse, with both rechargeable and sometimes 'standard' batteries with varied results.

Wireless mice are that cheap nowadays, £1 from the pound shops, and about £3.00 to expensive from the likes of Ebuyer. Perhaps best to go along this route and try another mouse?.

  bumpkin 13:22 27 Jun 2013

",i`ve changed the batteries the usb connection and the mouse"

So is it a new mouse and dongle that you are trying to get working? Any instructions? The mouse and dongle have to be linked, sometimes requires very small buttons pressing on both devices.

  Dragon_Heart 04:21 28 Jun 2013

Have you inadvertently switched the mouse off ?

The mouse and dongle of a new mouse do need setting up sometimes but not NORMALLY with an old mouse after a battery change.

If not I fear it could well be a dead mouse, they do get some hammer and do not last forever.

Can you borrow a friends wireless mouse to try it ?

Just one final point to help you / us in future posts. Include details about the make / model etc of problem item plus details of your PC eg operating system

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