Wireless mouse and keyboard fail

  Newby 17:23 13 Jan 2008

My brother in law has a Logitech wireless mouse and keyboard. Today they both "failed". The light was still on but he couldn;t move the cursor. His computer was built by his son and is only a year (or less) old. he changer the batteries but still-no joy! I suggested he just shut off the power and waot a few minutes, still no joy. Alt, ctr, del makes no difference. I've looked at Scott Muellers manual but have not yet stumbled on an answer. Can anyone help, please? I;ll keep looking in the meantime. Thanks. Newby

  mfletch 17:30 13 Jan 2008


Has he tried pressing the reset buttons on the mouse and keyboard,

  Newby 18:29 13 Jan 2008

Hi, Yes, he has and removed the usb tranceiver and replaced it. He is fairly new to computers and it is dificult to tell him on the phone. I've talked to him about reformatting - but, really, something like that is a bit formiodable to a newcomer and, it may not necessarily solve the problem. I'm still open to suggestions thouth. I have just reformatted my own computer for the umpteenth time and it's a pain. Keep giving advice, guys. Thank you.

  Newby 18:33 13 Jan 2008

Hi, again. By the way, the guy who biult the computer has told him that wireless mice and keyboards can be a bit temperamental at times.

  mfletch 19:19 13 Jan 2008

Check the batteries are the correct way round,

The missus sent my mouse flying once and did not say anything {and yes she put the battery in wrong}

Try a another USB port,

  Newby 23:18 13 Jan 2008

mfletch. Hi, He's already checked the batteries. I asked him - also - I suggested another USB port. I don't know whether he has tried it. I think he is getting a bit "down" and, I suspect wired mouse and? keyboard may be in the iffing. I checked Scott Mueller's book on troubleshooting wireless mice/keyboards and there doesn't seem to be any more info than we already know. He has tried re synchronizing the receivers and yransmitters. The trouble is, in my experience, it frequently turns out to be something rediculously - stupidly, simple!!! Thank you mfletch. Keep on trying.

  Newby 08:52 15 Jan 2008

Hi, mfletch, My Br-in-Law emailed me yesterday to say "success". Apparently he dhut off his computer and switched it off at the maons and it is noe O.K. I haven't had a chance to talk to hom yet to find out if he did anything else. I'm sure that this "perenial" problem with wireless gear is of interest to a lot of PC users. I'll post any further results that I get. Thanks a lot. Newby

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