Wireless Mouse gone a bit crazy

  Stymied 14:53 12 Oct 2006

Some months ago I bought a Logitech cordless optical mouse, mainly to free up a USB slot. It worked well, but within a couple of months, it behaved erratically and one of the things I tried was replacing the batteries after which it worked fine.

But recently, I started to have problems again but this time the battery replacement made no difference at all.

Basically these are examples of the problems I'm having:

If I want to select, I have to hold down the shift key, otherwise I lose part or all of the selection when I release the mouse button.

I used to be able to select a word by double-clicking; now, one click does it. Double clicking is likely to select the whole paragraph or an even greater chunk of text.

Even inserting the cursor accurately is complicated by the zeal of the mouse to select everything in the vicinity.

What I've done besides replacing the batteries:
I've been into Control Panel many times, trying to adjust the mouse settings, like speed and anything else I understand the meaning of. It makes no difference.

What things have changed in the mouse's environment: About three months ago I took advantage of a Telewest wireless router offer but I didn't notice any conflict between them though someone's suggested to me this might be the problem.

Also on the interference line, I've recently upgraded to a phone with Bluetooth - could that be a potential problem? I can't be sure that the recent playing up hasn't happened since my phone upgrade though the phone is usually in my bag, which is often more than 10m from the pc.

As ever, I'd be grateful for any advice from this forum!

Thank you.

  Stymied 15:05 12 Oct 2006

I think it could be the Bluetooth. I was really thinking aloud in the last part of that post, just trying to cover the kind of thing one leaves out, like which Windows one has, and as soon as I clicked send, I realised I should have tried that before sending.

All except one of the clicking problems seem to have been corrected.

Sorry if anyone's already given this some thought but then maybe there's hope for a complete cure out there?

Thanks again.

  Graham. 15:08 12 Oct 2006

The easiest way to rule out the router and phone is by turning them off, not forgetting the PC 'end' of the router.

  Graham. 15:11 12 Oct 2006

The easiest way to rule out the router and phone is by turning them off, not forgetting the PC 'end' of the router.

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