Wireless mouse disaster.

  Kudu 16:54 07 Feb 2003

I bought a wireless USB keyboard & mouse & tried to instal today.The mouse worked OK but the keyboard was dead so i removed it intending to return to the store tonight.I fitted the old PS/2 keyboard & mouse but they now they won't work.

I don't know how to gain access to the bios as i have no input atall.I presume the drivers of the wireless one altered it.I tried the wireless mouse again but it's stopped working.I'm stuck as all i can do is turn the computer on & off at the switch.

Anyone any ideas on this one.Cheers.

  « Ravin » 17:19 07 Feb 2003

which model keyboard and mouse ? sorry if this is obvious but did you install the batteries for the keyboard?

  Kudu 17:25 07 Feb 2003

I was a new one from Creative & everything was setup OK but i did have some trouble with the drivers.But it's too late now.

  Falkyrn 17:58 07 Feb 2003

The wireless unit wouldn't normally access the bios ... They would override the standard drivers installed into windows ...normal advice would be to boot into safe mode and use the basic drivers there but with no input at all this becomes rather more difficult.

Possibly switching the machine off while windows is runnning and then switching back on you may initiate the "windows was shut down prematurely" procedure and boot you into safe mode and give you keyboard and mouse access for a short time... only recommended if desperate !!

  Kudu 18:49 07 Feb 2003

Tried it a few times but all it does is check the disk for errors.If it's not the bios i can't even format & reinstall windows.What would happen if i made the HDD a slave on another computer.

  Falkyrn 23:41 07 Feb 2003

Making the drive a slave in another machine would give you access to the drive but not to the Windows drivers on it ... Although you could access it to format it ...again a desperate measure.

I take it you get nothing at all when you boot with the normal keyboard and mouse ?

  1st RHA 23:46 07 Feb 2003

if yes try p/s2 if not try usb if you have these options.

  Kudu 23:57 07 Feb 2003

Earlier tonight i put the hard drive in another machine & formatted it & then put it back in the original computer.I intended to reinstall windows but k/b & mouse still not working so the bios must have been altered. I'm afraid it's looking like a new m/b as i can't get in to the bios.

An expensive day.

  1st RHA 00:02 08 Feb 2003

It should load basic drivers, for P/s2 stuff

  Pauper 00:05 08 Feb 2003

When you removed or replaced any of the ps2 connections, did you ensure that the power was turned off, they are not hot-swapable and pluging/unpluging with the power on can blow a fuse on the mobo which is usually non-replacable.

  Kudu 00:26 08 Feb 2003

I have a boot disk & i tried it but nothing.I always shutdown when taking out or replacing Ps/2 cables not that i do it often.It was an unsual way of installing that wireless stuff as you had to have it up & running before the software was installed.

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