Wireless Mouse Battery Use

  anniel 09:49 03 Apr 2004

I may be unobservant, but I could have sworn that when I turned my PC off, that the infra red light on my wireless mouse turned off too. I have a Microsoft cordless keyboard and mouse and they work very well, but is the light in the mouse supposed to stay on when I close the PC?

My commonsense tells me it should as it is battery powered, but I want to make sure from the experts.

Please excuse me if this is a complete no brainer, but that sums up my technical knowledge!

  AubreyS 09:53 03 Apr 2004

I have a Logitech mouse that does the same and it eats batteries. I use rechargeable's and just swap them with the cordless phone one's when they need recharging.

  NGE 10:02 03 Apr 2004

maybe your mouse recieves a signal to go to sleep before the pc shuts down. On mywireless optical, it goes to sleep after 5 mins, but if you look down the led, you can just see a faint glow.

  carver 10:03 03 Apr 2004

It will stay on after you turn off your P/C, but it should have a delay so that it only stays on for 5 min's, after that time it should power down to conserve battery life until you press one of it's buttons. Hope that makes sense.

  anniel 10:18 03 Apr 2004

Should I,like NGE, be able to see the glow when it powers down?

I only noticed it when I was lying in bed last night...as my PC is in the bedroom! I could have sworn it always switched off completely.

I have tried looking for help sites., but no joy.It is a PS/2 Compatible Mouse, made by Microsoft. The little booklet that came with it is predictably no assistance!

I have had the Evesham PC since Christmas and in that time I have only changed the batteries once, which does not seem bad, but the thought of the mouse staying on 24/7 seems a bit of a waste of power.

  Sir Radfordin 11:18 03 Apr 2004

I think it goes into a sleep mode which will stop it draining the batteries. It would never turn off completely as it would need to be woken up by some action. Microsoft claim batteries on their new wireless mice last up to 6 months.

  y_not 11:23 03 Apr 2004

Suprised that AubreyS has a problem. I use the Logitec keyboard/mouse and replace the mouse batteries about three times a year (Duracell) and the keyboard once a year!

As Sir Radfordin says it appears to go into a "sleep mode"

  Harford 14:34 03 Apr 2004

Disconnect charge lead from USB port and you may lose some start-up facility, battery discharges via USB port and mains disconnected from PC will not stop connection. Leave charger lead connected and bear with it!! I lose screen saver so leave connected!!

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