Wireless modem/router enquiry

  FatboySlim71 11:48 18 Sep 2007

I have noticed that there are different types of wireless modem/routers, G 802.11g 54 mbps, G+ 802.11g 125 mbps, N1 MIMO 300 kbps.

Do these various types make any difference to the download speeds that you may get with your broadband connection. Correct me if I'm wrong but will a G 802.11g 54 mbps modem router give me a slower broadband connection/download rate than a N1 MIMO 300 kbps modem router?

  Dipso 21:30 18 Sep 2007

You are correct, a 54Mbps router will give the same broadband speed as a 125Mbps router. The speed only relates to file sharing between networked PC's.

  FatboySlim71 21:43 18 Sep 2007

Thanks for the reply and clearing that up for me, its much appreciated.

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