Wireless Modem - turn off power = loose settings ?

  Jeecie 09:24 11 Apr 2007

SUBJECT: Turning off mains-power on my wireless modem router - will I loose the settings?

Following on from an older post... click here I have a laptop (wireless connection) and a PC desktop (Ethernet connection) connecting to the internet via a ADSL Wireless Modem Router (model DG834G 54Mbps 802.11g).

I now have a rather odd question! I am on a health kick and I hadn't weighed myself in a while (not since before I installed the wireless modem). Anyway... my digital weighing scales/body-fat-monitor now shows wildly different readings each time I get on them... for example I took 5 measurements in the space of 5 mins and it managed to show I'd gained and lost anywhere between 4-5lbs between each reading! I tried new batteries - same result.

But I reckon it's the signals transmitted by the wireless-modem that are the root cause. But I'm worried about switching off the power supply to the modem, so... what I need to know is.. if I turn off the mains electrical supply to this modem - will I loose all my settings when I turn it back on again? Or will I get a window of oppurtuntity to hop onto the scales (e.g. can I turn off the modem power for a set no. of minutes and it'll keep it's settings - save 5 mins... but any longer and it'll loose the them??)

I read the guide book for the scales & it said ...

...quote Salter Glass Body Fat Analyzer Scale (Model 9120) .... "This product is a sensitive electronic instrument and as such it may temporarily be affected by Radio Transmitting Devices being used in close proximity to it (such as Mobile Phones, Walkie Talkies, CB Radios, Radio Model Controllers and some Microwave Ovens, etc.). Additionally, extreme levels of Electrostatic interference may cause this product to temporarily malfunction. In such case it may be necessary to remove and re-install the battery to re-establish normal working."... unquote.

An odd question I know... but it'd be useful to know if the modem keeps it's settings when turned off / on again especiay if there's a power cut at anytime!

Any help welcome :)

  MAJ 09:47 11 Apr 2007

No you wont lose the settings, I turn mine off every night, sometimes 2 or 3 times a day.

  Gongoozler 09:49 11 Apr 2007

My DG834G keeps it's settings when turned off. I assume that the settings are kept in non-volatile memory. I'm surprised that your Salter scale is affected by such a low power signal as that from your wireless network. I would have thought that EMC immunity requirements needed to obtain the CE marking would have been sufficient to ensure compatibility.

  ArrGee 09:50 11 Apr 2007

Your modem should keep it's settings intact if you turn it off then on again.

  Stuartli 10:01 11 Apr 2007

Never lost my modem router settings when I occasionally turn it off for one reason or another.

  Jeecie 12:53 17 Apr 2007

Okey-dokey then uodate for you folks - I turned off the power to the router. And now the weighing-scales work like normal (hurray!).

Turned the router back on.
Turned on desktop-PC and....
....no internet connection!!!

So, I had to use the wizard to re-set-up the settings! (Luckily I had typed & printed my passwords WEP etc. during the original set-up). However, as a precaution for the future I have now saved & exported my settings to file & saved a copy of the file onto another computer as well (my laptop) as double-insurance for my next weighing-in session.

But - on plus point I did actually weigh less than my last weighing-in session! So, overall everything back to normal & good again :)

Thanks for the help guys... looks like I was the 1 in a million person for whom turning the power off DID affect the settings on my router (when in everyone else's case it wasn't a problem).

Cheers... Jeecie :)

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