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  trialsriding 16:43 23 Feb 2004

hi there, i am looking to buy a wireless router, there are lots of different ones and i was wondering if you anyone could help me out, i may in the future run 2 computers from it but at the moment only 1 and also there are ones with firewalls built in, i have norton interneet security anyway does it matter? also will i only need one recieving card? thanks in advance

  trialsriding 16:45 23 Feb 2004

sorry forgot to add are there any brands to avoid or does anyone have any recommendations?

First a bit of wireless networking teaching. For a start you need a router [with a broadband connection ready to go] (i'll tell you about my experiences later), second you will need a wireless receiver for every computer you will be planning to use the internet from. Next the Router there in my experience are thousands of different types of routers but an overall view of a group of them are; Wireless Modem & Router Combined (so you do away with your current Broadband modem) Or there is a wireless router only (please note this is only if your modem has an output which i think they call RJ14). Alot of the big firms offer both of these (eg. Linksys, Belkin etc.) However with my experience of having Broadband from BT is that the BT Voyager 2000 which is a wireless modem & router & access point all in one. This is because in my house there are 3 computers and we are going to use the wireless receiver on one and the LAN connection with the other desktop because the router and it sits next to each other. So really in my opinion you buy whichever router suits you best. My recommendation is the BT router if you only have a simple modem like the one that comes with BT Broadband. But if you have a RJ14 connection on your modem then the Belkin wireless router WITHOUT modem. (You can get the BT router for £99.99 at PC World until tomorrow and the Belkin is about £70 - £80 pounds from PC World or Dabs or anywhere like that. Hope this Helps. Thomas

  trialsriding 20:46 23 Feb 2004

ok thanks, i have a motorolla SB4100 modem on blueyonder broadband it has a USB port at the back i dont think it has a 'RJ14' output thing, so will the router and modem replace that one? how much are the wireless recievers?

Yes the router and modem from BT (or any other router and modem combined) will replace the modem you have. The wireless receivers cost for a USB one about £30 - £40 and the Laptop PCMCIA ones are about the same. You can also get an internal PCI card which will go inside your computer at about £20 - £40. By the way you'll also be able to share printers and some peripherals from one computer to the other with this networking stuff.

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