Wireless Modem Router needed!

  darkreign 18:46 04 Mar 2011


My Belking N1 wireless modem router has gone haywire and I've spent a lot of hours with tech support to reach this understanding.

Been to PC and Currys but can't seem to find the same modem router! It was good and lasted me a couple of years. Now I need a new one for under £150 can you help me?

It's got to be wireless modem and router (no modem in my pc), has to be powerfull so I can use anywhere in the house. I'll be connecting a lot of things (wirelessly) to it, i.e printer, phone, ipad, laptop. Finaly, not toooo complicated to set up!

This is what I had: click here
Time for something better methinks??


  chub_tor 20:47 04 Mar 2011

I switched from a Netgear to this one click here quite recently. Extremely simple to set up and has a pretty good range in my house, I also get a better connection speed with the Sitecom.

  onthelimit 09:39 05 Mar 2011

Is that all? My Thompson Speedtouch has been running faultlessly for 6 yrs. Linksys click here# also seem to get good reports on here.

  ordep 11:48 05 Mar 2011

High prase from Whitch? on these two.

click here

click here

  darkreign 19:05 05 Mar 2011

...Thanks all for your suggestions, but they don't seem to be a 2-in-1 (modem and router)...don't I need a modem to connect to the internet?

chub_tor - seems to be a router for cable (as oppose to phone line (adsl) connections! but the specs are good and I'll look into others from Sitecom.

onthelimit - again just a router! also only a 'G' standard (i think), my previous experiences with G modem routers was a lack of strength to send internet upto my bedroom.

ordep - sorry, but I've got an Ipad and Iphone and I'm not happy with Apples incompatibility with non-apple products without additional software. But the 'Linksys' looks pretty decent and i'll definitely have a look at the E3000 modem router (if there is one).

Thanks Peeps, but I ask again, do I not need a modem to connect to the internet? will a router do the job of replacing my Belkin?

  chub_tor 19:51 05 Mar 2011

Sorry, this is the one that I bought click here

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