Wireless link for two PC to internet HOW?

  ruskle 13:34 30 Jul 2005

My only Pc is a Wi Fi Laptop and I use a Linksys modem router for internet connection succesfully.
My next door neighbour also has Wi Fi laptop and I can use mine in her house and get a good signal. My question is, how do we start to set her PC up to connect to the internet via my pc under a different username and password? We both use Tiscali Broadband and I am prepared to leave the router on 24/7. I know it's a bit cheeky but when I went on hols she used my log on details on her PC and it went OK but I disabled it when I returned.

  Taff36 13:59 30 Jul 2005

I presume you have a Linksys wireless modem/router. If you haven`t already done so set up WEP or WPA Encryption otherwise the whole street will be using your bandwidth - hope you aren`t on a capped service!

Basically you set up her computer with a new connection (called "My Mate`s Connection" or something) to gain access to your router through your ISP details. The fact that they`re probably the same as hers is immaterial Your password remains secret because once entered in her machine you can only see blobs. Set her machine to remember the password. She can then access the internet and surf.

For e-mail she needs to set up a new connection in Outlook Express (or Outlook) and name it "My Mate`s Connection". She enters all her username and password details for her account and in the options selects the wireless connection you set up earlier. You must tick the box "Always connect to this account using this connection"

That`s the theory - let us know how you get on! If you are on a capped download limit you`d better come to some arrangement if you haven`t already done so! Two people surfing can be expensive if you exceed your allowance. If the previous negotiations break down at any point - Change the encryption password at any time to suspend the service.

And ask the bill payer in the household for permission!

  ruskle 09:02 01 Aug 2005

Hi Taff, thanks for the info, when they come back from hoilday I will give it a whirl, I have been at this game for years now but was too lazy to think it through myself so thought I would ask the experts. I realise that when I set up the modem router it was that which I configured to my ISP. As far as your concern for security we are lucky to live at the end of a private lane with only 4 houses and the next ones are a thrd of a mile away so I hadn't yet considered security. Also as my friend takes her laptop to work every day she will only use it at night and weekend and as like us, the kids are all gone with kids of their own, using our 30 gig is not a real problem, I am the bill payer and hope it will be halved, hi.
By the way I have been reading all your posting to the other chap who is having trouble setting up a secure network and find that very interesting, we of course won't want to share files. Watch this space after Wednesday for a successful result, hi.

  ruskle 13:49 04 Aug 2005

Thanks Taff,
A bit of fiddling around with 2 false starts but now I have a happy neighbour and half the IPS bill, plus a little bonus for the use of the router.

More questions re Wi Fi on the forum.


  Taff36 18:02 04 Aug 2005

Glad you`re sorted. (What was the little bonus? - only joking) I`ll look for the next thread!

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