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  Maughan 11:58 16 Jan 2005

I have XP Home (SP2) running on a PC in my study, which is upstairs. It is hard-wired via a USB ADSL modem ("BT Voyager") to a broadband connection. I currently have no network or wireless equipment at all.

I want to be able to:

(a) access music files (via something like Netgear's MP101) on my stereo downstairs; and
(b) use my PC remotely on my (PC-compatible) LCD TV downstairs (using a wireless keyboard and mouse).

I am thoroughly confused about exactly what I need to achieve any or all of this! (Ethernet modem? Wireless router? Broadband router? Wireless server? 802.11b or 802.11g? And so on!)

I would really appreciate any advice relating to the following:

1. what wireless equipment do I need to connect to the PC to achieve (a)?
2. is a separate or the same piece of equipment needed to send the monitor's image to the LCD TV for (b)?
3. what equipment receives the monitor signal and routes it into the PC-input on the LCD TV?
4. will that same equipment send the keyboard and mouse inputs back to the PC?

Any help that you can give will be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance,


  LeadingMNMs 12:23 16 Jan 2005

As far as I'm aware, you will not be able to use the LCD TV as a remote monitor - but maybe someone knows more about.

I'm not sure what you want to do with the music - listen to tracks on the PC via the stereo ? In that case it would probably be just as easy to put your music onto CD and play it that way, but its your choice.

If you want to do this then all you need is some wireless network device. This could be either a PCI card or a USB device. If you only need to connect the two devices then thats all, you won't need a router. 802.11b/g are two types of wireless protocols basically. The main differences are 'b' works at 11Mbps and 'g' at 54Mbps. If I remember correctly, the 'b' can act over a greater distance, but I can't remember the figures.

  Maughan 12:57 16 Jan 2005

Leading - thank you!

I do want to stream music from the PC (rather than burn CDs etc) because doing that gives me huge flexibility for listening to hours and hours of uninterrupted music and also to listen to playlists etc.

You mention a PCI card - do I assume correctly that that would be slotted onto the motherboard and would have an aerial protruding out of the back of the tower, which streams info to the Netgear (or equivalent) box downstairs? If I have one of them, do I need to establish a "network" within XP, or does a passive music receiver not amount to a network device?

(I think I am starting to get this - is a router only needed if you have a central internet connection that you want several PCs/laptops to feed off independently of each other? As opposed to a simple wireless sender attached to a PC that would make all those devices feeding from it dependent on the PC being switched on and connected?)

But surely there is a way to use a remote monitor! Would a wireless video sender box work, perhaps? What I am more doubtful about is the ability to use a remote keyboard/mouse if their own wireless signals are not strong enough to link back to their receivers connected to the PC upstairs...

Any further comments on the correct kit would be very welcome.

  dan11 13:47 16 Jan 2005

As to question a)

We have the netgear 101 click here. Setup as a wireless media centre.

Our broadband connection was fed to the computer with a rj45 connector (lan). This we then fed into a belkin 4 port WiFi router and then hard wired with a straight through cable to the P.C.

The netgear media server software is on the P.C. and has collected about 10 gig of Mp3's. the netgear 101 picks up the server and streams the music to a pioneer vsx-d2011. click here

As for b)

If your computers graphics card has either a svhs or composite connection. Then you are there. Start with a composite to scart connector, as used on a X box or ps2. Connect the scart connection to a wireless video sender, they had them at aldi a short time ago. It should come with the wireless video receiver, this fits into the scart on the lcd tv. All you then need to do is configure the graphics card the see the lcd tv.

  dan11 13:56 16 Jan 2005

Oh sorry the belkin router. click here

The aldi WiFi is a tevion 2.4ghz video sender @ £24.99. The whole set up for the lcd tv, should be around £30.

  LeadingMNMs 16:14 16 Jan 2005

Yes, a PCI card is plugged into the motherboard and has an aerial on the back. An alternative is to use a USB device, but I suspect the range isn't as good - although I've never used one.

A router is only really useful if you have multiple computers that you want to network together, with a central Internet connection, that allows each computer to have independant Internet access. Without a router, you would use a Internet Connection Sharing, and the computer with the modem would have to be on (and connected to the Internet)for the others to access the Internet.

I've never used one of those devices, but since it works over a network, you will more than likely have to establish a network, since you are transferring (streaming) files onto the devices own storage.

I've done a little bit of research and I've changed my mind. You can use a monitor wirelesses, though I haven't found any adapters that allow you to do this yet. As for the mouse / keyboard, I would guess that they would have to use bluetooth, but I don't know if the range would be enough.

  LeadingMNMs 16:20 16 Jan 2005

Ok, managed to find this, but whether you can find something available in this country remains to be seen. Haven't seen a price yet, but I suspect it will knock you back a bit.

click here

  LeadingMNMs 16:26 16 Jan 2005

click here Very Expensive !!

  LeadingMNMs 16:29 16 Jan 2005

Better explaination click here

  dan11 20:34 16 Jan 2005

If you decide to go down the netgear MP101 road, then you will need a router. A pci WiFi card will no do. I tried this and it was a no go. Then I -r.t.f.m. and it states that the signal has to be transmitted by a wireless router. This was confirmed by a call to netgear.

  MRMC 10:00 17 Jan 2005

Dan - thank for for pointing out that the Netgear needs a wireless router - I was about to buy a PC wi-fi card today!

I think I will need to reconsider what I am going to do.

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