Wireless Link?

  imperial4cereal 22:42 27 Nov 2006

So I was playing around in control panel and I checked out Wireless Link (never bothered looking as I am on 56k still). Apparently I have a built-in Infrared Device on my DFI mobo. So I guess my question is, how well does this connection work and can any type of data be sent back and forth with it?

  Tim1964 23:11 27 Nov 2006

You need to point an Infrared enabled device at it. A mobile or a laptop.

When the IR is enabled on your PC AND it detects another unit in range an icon will appear on the taskbar and a balloon will pop up saying "click here to transfer files...." you then browse to find the file you want and it will beam it across.

It is quite slow and the IR beam must not be broken during transfer. I think that's why bluetooth is the preferred option.

  dms05 08:22 28 Nov 2006

Your mobo probably has a specific suite of programs available from the manf website. This will allow you to do many things, depending upon just what the mobo manf has included. Take a look. These suites usually work via USB cable, IR or Bluetooth. I have the appropriate ones for my Nokia and Siemens phones. These work over IR or USB data cable with an option for bluetooth.

I use IR to connect my laptop to my Nokia to send/rec emails when I'm travelling. It's too slow to surf the web (9.6kbps so 5 times slower than a dial up connection) but OK for POP3 email.

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