Wireless laptop & router with wired PCs & router?

  Flopper 16:04 27 Aug 2006

I am intending to experiment with my home network by going wireless with my new notebook/laptop but still leave my PC and my two son's PCs conected to my wired router.
Can this be done?
Without going into the technical details, which I can research later, I understand I can plug a wireless router into my wired router/modem?
Also without getting too technical if I can do this and wish to view emails on the notebook can I view my mail on the notebook but decide if I wish to actually download them onto the notebook or leave them on the PC. With Exchange Server my employers remote users can opt to view email headers and messages on their laptops but choose to either download the full email or leave them on the server for download later (if my info is correct). Can this be done with Outlook in Office 2003?

  FelixTCat 17:10 27 Aug 2006


Yes, you can connect a wireless router into a modem router to set a wireless network. You could also use a wireless access point rather than a wireless router.

If you use a wireless router, you will probably need a cross-over ethernet cable to connect the 2 routers, though some have auto-sensing uplink ports and can use a normal cable.

You can't view emails on one pc from another in a home network unless you have a mail server, which is what you have at work. There are a number of work-arounds, though. One option is to use webmail - many ISPs have a webmail option. The other is to set your email clients to leave email on the server rather than download to a pc, so that any pc can access them. In both cases you can decide between yourselves a protocol for removing them from the server.



  Flopper 17:15 27 Aug 2006

Thanks FelixTCat.

I had forgotten all about Webmail even though I use it almost every day. DUH !!

  vinnyT 12:48 28 Aug 2006

Also, you can tell the email client (OE, thunderbird, etc.) to leave the mail on the server, which would leave it available for the other machine to dload as well.

i.e. in thunderbird (the client I use, but others will have a similar feature);

- Tools
- Account settings
- Server settings
- Tick box 'leaver messages on server' choose length of time to leave
- Ok

Repeat for how many accounts you have.

Hope this helps.

  Flopper 22:09 30 Aug 2006


  vinnyT 11:03 31 Aug 2006


  Flopper 20:17 05 Jan 2007

Got the wireless network working by doing something I am sure I have done before.
Apparently I bought the wrong wireless router.
However, by running a network cable from the spare 4th port on the wired router in to which the 3 PCs are connected, and running the other end into the 'internet' port on the wireless router I am now wireless, albeit with 2 routers rather than one, but I can remedy that if I so wish by buying the correct router.

  vinnyT 10:20 06 Jan 2007


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