wireless laptop only gets google & wont update AVG

  mrzerogravity 14:14 09 Apr 2008

ok here goes:

desktop PC:
xp pro 64 bit
asus p5k-e mobo
3.4gHz pentium D
Realtek RTL8187 Wireless 802.11g 54Mbps Network Adapter

laptop dell latitude d 531
vista bussiness 32 bit
dell wireless 1390 Wlan card
1.75 gHz AMD sempron

for the last 44 days i have been unable to open almost any web page except for google: i can do a google search, i get results pages, i can search images etc. all fine

if i try to open another page via a link the page just never opens, it takes for ever, after a few minutes i give up. OCCASIONALLY a page will open with no apparent problem, one with only simple text for example.

ALSO, my AVG stopped updating, the connection now times out. 20.45 25/02/08 was the last update. ever since it just hangs

The vista 'network & sharing center' on the laptop shows no problems, the icons for the desktop & the internet are shown as fully functional.

no problem accessing my own files in either direction.

i just updated all my drivers today, as i was also getting pc crashes when viewing films from the pc on the laptop. but the problem remains

so im now at a dead end,

if u can solve this u will save me re-installing my OS, so i 'd be really grateful asi just spent 3 hours getting all the drivers up to date......gggrrrr!!

  brundle 16:20 09 Apr 2008

Can you access pages normally if you hook PC & router with a cable? If so then the MTU for the wireless interface may need adjusting. click here
TCPOptimizer is mentioned in on that site but whether it's compatible with Vista x64 I don't know.

Sometimes Vista's TCP auto-tuning feature can cause problems, and it may be worth disabling IPv6 in the Network Connections panel...sorry, not using Vista at the moment so my terminology may be a bit off.
click here

  mrzerogravity 17:50 09 Apr 2008

i believe you are definately on the right track there,
i happen to have just stubled upon a solution which was this:

i re-connected the laptop wirelessly, this time tho the internet connection was taking time to resolve & showingas a problem in the vista networking window.

so i hit a diagnostic & it came up with something along the lines of
'TCP Improvement settings not optimized, would you like to otimize them now?'

so i did and lo and behold, and with a vast amount of amazed background swearing the net was suddenly fine , and AVG has just been updated successfully.

i was really thinking it might have been the desktop because anothe laptop new to the network has had the same problem exactly...which is odd....

anyway i didt go right into depth but i followed your fist link & i beleive yuo were on the same lines as this.

thanks for your help

(may still have to reinstall desktop as KEEP getting restarts due to drivers mis-writing sections)

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