Wireless on laptop keeps going off

  andy63walsh 18:00 12 Feb 2007

When i click on "wireless network connection" it shows none on there, even next doors that i go on some times, it must be the lap top dropping the built in wireless some how ?

  skidzy 18:02 12 Feb 2007

Firstly...do you have permission to use your neighbours connection ?

Do you have a router setup ?

  andy63walsh 19:10 12 Feb 2007

No, I don't really knows it is next door, it's near though, but i do that if mine goes funny !
My router is setup but i can't even log onto that when the laptop looses the connection.

  skidzy 19:14 12 Feb 2007

Well if your using another connection without permission...im sorry i cannot help you.

I suggest you start a new thread regarding your router problems and close this down by ticking resolved.

Your new thread:

Clearly explain what your problem is.

Type/model of router

  andy63walsh 20:23 12 Feb 2007

If some one has an un secure router that's their problem, all should be secure ! I'm doing nothing wrong.

  woodchip 20:26 12 Feb 2007

So if you leave your Door open, you will not mind if I pop in to get some money or the TV

  skidzy 20:30 12 Feb 2007

While using your neighbours connection without permission is commonly known as "Piggybacking" so therefore you doing something wrong !
Just a quick read may shine some light on this for you click here
If caught you may face losing your equipment and at worse prison......So you are doing something wrong !

  Technotiger 20:33 12 Feb 2007

Sorry to disillusion you, but I do believe you are breaking the law by using a private WiFi spot without permission.

Read a few of these ...

click here

  andy63walsh 08:11 15 Feb 2007

If my router is not on or some thing is wrong with it, it will just go on to the other one, i don't tell it to do that, and it does not tell me, I just surf, is that my fault. There are a lot more bad things out there.

  Technotiger 12:16 15 Feb 2007

Hmmm, I don't think a Judge would be too impressed with your reasoning. Maybe I am just 'chicken' but I personally would not like to risk the possible consequences.

  skidzy 13:40 15 Feb 2007

" it will just go on to the other one, i don't tell it to do that, "

You must tell it (your computer) to connect to the neighbour's connection,all your system does is find availible networks....you then decide to Piggyback on someone else's connection therefore giving you free internet.

Now if your neighbour has given you permission,i see nothing wrong with this......but im betting he/she does not even know its you.
Agreed they should be secure and may be asking for trouble,but your Piggybacking certainly does not help matters.

If you decide to carry on using your neighbours connection without permission....i hope you get caught !!!

Like ive said earlier,create a new thread with your problem and we may be able to help.

We are not evil or nasty here at PCA and will help anyone if we can,but me personally....do not like freeloaders.

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