WIRELESS laptop connectionn HELP

  diddi.ash 18:34 01 Apr 2007

I have my main computer,XP with wireless broadband and also have my husbands laptop which you can go on-line via the ethenet cable, just wanted to know how to do it wireless, i have an extra dongle thing but when you put it in it says you need to install the driver which i dont know where i have put!!, is there any other way to do it, i dont know the name of the dongle to look up on my internet
Hope someone can help as to how to get laptop wireless??

  Technotiger 19:01 01 Apr 2007

Hi, scroll down the right-hand column to see what you need for the laptop -

click here

My partner uses this one (expanded from the previous link)

click here

  diddi.ash 19:21 01 Apr 2007

but i have no idea what i need, i already have the dongle and the buscard thing but do not have the drivers so when i connect them the wizard comes up then it says insert disc driver

  MAJ 19:25 01 Apr 2007

Are there no names or numbers anywhere on the dongle, diddi.ash? Any chance of a picture of it, maybe someone will recognise it?

  Technotiger 20:14 01 Apr 2007

If your Buscard (which slots into the laptop) is one of those shown in my links above, click on Drivers/Firmware link shown under the illustration. This will take you to another 'page' where you can download the Driver for the Laptop. Then click on the Orange Download Arrows on the right-hand side of the screen to download and install the drivers/utilities.

  diddi.ash 20:57 01 Apr 2007

MAJ: how do i put photos on here then? and yes it has numbers: model:XG-750A and it is black

Technotiger: yes the buscard is on that site, so do i download it onto a disc from my desktop that is on line then?

  Technotiger 21:05 01 Apr 2007

buscard on site - good, so you can download the drivers and save then initially to your Desktop - that way they are easy to find again. Then you can install driver onto laptop. Install the driver before you connect the buscard.

  diddi.ash 21:32 01 Apr 2007

and if i do that, then that will be wireless and no need for the cable?

  Technotiger 21:46 01 Apr 2007

Correct, after running the Wireless Connection Wizard on both computers.

  diddi.ash 21:50 01 Apr 2007

On both?
I thought if i download the driver on the laptop online using cable, then why do i have to go through wizard with my desktop when i already done?

  Technotiger 22:07 01 Apr 2007

Needed, to set up the wireless connection.

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